Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience that will further your understanding of other cultures and deepen your devotion to service leadership.

Undergraduate Study Abroad

Broaden your horizons and enhance your connection to your calling with hands-on learning in places like China, France or Peru.

Studying abroad in China is an excellent opportunity for business students to explore the world's most populous country and learn firsthand about one of the world’s leading economic and political powers. In today’s global, interconnected business world, people who can speak Mandarin Chinese, are knowledgeable about modern Chinese culture, and who have firsthand experience living in China will find themselves at a significant advantage in the competitive job market. Many multi-national corporations across all industries maintain offices in China, and employers are well aware that a real understanding of China, Chinese culture, and Chinese people is a big plus for those who want to become the world's next generation of leaders.

Concordia University Chicago, as a principal partner of Global Maximum Educational Opportunities, Inc. (G-MEO), is pleased to offer Concordia-Chicago students the opportunity to live and learn abroad at The American Center for Study Abroad on the campus of Sichuan University. Centrally located in the historic, dynamic, and culturally diverse city of Chengdu, in southwestern China, G-MEO's flagship Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad offers a wide range of courses, taught in English, across seven academic fields, including international business, economics, modern Chinese culture, and more, along with language training opportunities, and internships with Fortune 500 companies, high tech. start-ups, law firms, world-class hotel chains, K-12 schools, and other organizations. G-MEO’s popular programs, include fall, spring and summer academic sessions, as well as a full-time 11-week summer internship program. G-MEO has more than 200 incredible alumni, including many from Concordia University Chicago. Credits from G-MEO programs are easy to transfer and many scholarships are available.

G-MEO Offers an exciting 3+3 Study-Intern Abroad Program in Spring and Summer: 3 months of classes + 3 month credit-bearing full-time internship, which is open to all U.S. college students to meet their academic and career goals.

If you are interested in applying to, and attending, one of G-MEO’s programs, please contact Academic Advising & Study Abroad.

Program Overview
Spend a semester living, studying and worshipping at Westfield House in Cambridge, England--one of the world’s most historic university towns.

Westfield House
“As a centre of theological studies, Westfield House seeks to serve the Lutheran Church, both in the UK and overseas, by the promotion of Christian learning at all levels. It provides theological education within the framework of a confessional Lutheran perspective and offers resources and continuing education that further an understanding of that perspective. Westfield House is often referred to as ‘the crossroads of global Lutheranism’."

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Studying at Westfield House
On-campus study: Westfield House features a common area, lecture halls and a library. Classes are taught by Westfield House faculty members and are supplemented by University lectures.

Off-campus study: Westfield House students have access to Cambridge libraries enabling them to take advantage of the rich academic atmosphere of a university town. Students are also recommended to attend lectures given by University professors that will supplement the material learned at Westfield House. 

Course Options and Descriptions 

Studying at Westfield House helped me to see a different culture outside of one I’ve lived in all my life. Being able to start off the day gathering together as brothers and sisters in Christ to hear God’s Word and ask for His blessing was extremely edifying and encouraging.

Former Westfield House Participant

Living at Westfield House
Housing: Students live in Luther Hall with other study abroad students. 

Food: Luther Hall contains two fully equipped kitchens. Restaurants, grocery stores and outdoor daily markets are steps away from the Westfield House. 

Travel: The United Kingdom is the front door to adventures and opportunities for travel in and around Europe. The mid-semester break is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all that Europe has to offer. 

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Worshipping at Westfield House
Daily Chapel: Daily Chapel is held each morning at Resurrection Lutheran Church located on Westfield House’s campus.

Divine Service: The Divine Service is held every Sunday at 11 a.m. Bible study is held at 10 a.m.

Off-campus Worship: Choral Evensong and other Christian services are held at many of the colleges around Cambridge. King’s College is world-renowned for their boys’ choir that leads Choral Evensong. There are many opportunities for students to join one of the University’s college choirs. 

Learn About Worship at Westfield House

Admission Requirements
You must be a current Concordia University Chicago student with upper-classmen status in order to apply. Participating students must also hold a 3.0 GPA and complete all required CUC applications and forms along with a mandatory pre-departure orientation. A passport valid for 6 months beyond the end of the program is required. Students studying in the UK for 6 months or less are not required to have a visa to enter the country.

Students interested in studying abroad at Westfield House should contact the program coordinator, Pastor Jeff Leininger for more information and program approval.

Download Westfield House Application

Estice International Business School


  • International Business School belonging to Lille Catholic University
  • 180 students from 15 different countries
  • Young and lively city with a student population of more than 100,000.
  • Recognized as one of France’s most dynamic towns with a wide variety of cultural and sporting activities.
  • Famous throughout France and Europe for its warm and friendly atmosphere.
  • Short train ride to many European cities
    • Paris: 1 hour
    • London: 2 hours

Program Eligibility
Junior standing, 3.0 GPA

Language of instruction: English
ESTICE also offers optional French classes for 2 hours each week to all international students.

Sample courses available:

  • Marketing Introduction
  • Intercultural Intelligence
  • Applied Intercultural Communication
  • Business Game – Commerce International
  • Introduction to Business in an Asian Country
  • Negotiating in an International Context
  • Cooperative Strategy and Business Game
  • Business Finance
  • Contemporary French Business and Society

You will not have a meal plan for your time in France. Student restaurants are available on campus for affordable meals. Located within close proximity to the residence hall and near your classes at Estice you can find many restaurants and grocery stores.

European Innovation Academy
Learn what it takes to become a global entrepreneur and take part of a life changing experience in Portugal. The European Innovation Academy has become a recognized leader in tech entrepreneurship education. The non-profit educational programs are developed through joint partnerships with professionals from the world’s top institutions; to include Stanford University, U.C. Berkely, and Google. Participants will be put into international teams to form a new business idea, put together a marketing plan, and pitch it in 3 weeks.

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Program Requirements
Eligibility: Current graduate or undergraduate student within the College of Business in good standing

Language: Program is conducted in English

Students have the option to stay in NOVA University dorms for approximately $1,000 for the three week program or find their own accommodation.

Program Cost

€1,699 until October 31, 2019
€1,899 until May 31, 2020
€2,300 late registration

Other Expenses
Meals, international flights, and transportation are not included in the program fee.

Graduate Study Abroad

Become more familiar with the global business community by experiencing it firsthand in such countries as Singapore, Germany or the Czech Republic.

Audencia Business School

Complete 2 MBA courses in just 3 weeks with Audencia’s intensive Summer Term, conducted entirely in English. Features include:

  • Superb and approachable academic staff with extensive practical expertise
  • Focus on marketing, management and communications
  • Deep connections to French and global businesses
  • Curriculum infused with global contexts and practices
  • Small class sizes and dynamic group projects
  • Weekly company visits with tours and staff discussions

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Nantes, a thriving modern metropolis with old-world flair, has been recognized as Europe’s most livable city. There’s easy to-use public transportation with stops right on campus, just 15 minutes from the center of town. Just two hours from Paris and a half hour from the Atlantic coast, it is a magnet for students and visitors, with countless historic sites and attractions. Major European destinations are also within easy reach by flight or train.

Eligitility Requirement
MBA student in good standing

Language of instruction: English
Optional French courses are available (free)

Sample Course Schedule

  • May 18 – May 22 Cross Culture Management (2 credits)
  • May 25 – May 29 Digital Marketing Strategy (2 credits)
  • June 2 – June 5 International Marketing (2 credits)

CUC Equivalent

  • MBAC 6500: Global Management (3 credits)
  • MBAC 6100: Global Marketing in a Digital Era (3 credits) or MBAD6115 Social Media Marketing Communications (3 credits)

Audencia will provide assistance to help students find accommodation in student residences or with host families, based on your preference. Housing is estimated at €100-150/week.

CUC Faculty-Led Program
Spend 10 days in Europe learning about culture and global management in Hungary and Germany.  Highlights include: visits to local companies, international guest lecturers, and a dinner cruise on the Danube. Course and travel will take place during the Spring II 2020 term. 

Eligibility Requirement
MBA students in good standing

Language of instruction: English

MBAC‐6500 Global Management (3 hours)

Students will stay in shared hotel rooms, 2 students per room. Single rooms are available for an additional fee.

Program Cost
$2,500-$3,000 per student

College of Business

Concordia University Chicago’s (CUC) College of Business (COB) and Hebei University of Economics and Business (HUEB) began our dynamic and flourishing partnership in 2012 with a 3 + 1 program.

Cooperative Program with Hebei University of Economics and Business

HUEB and CUC work together to prepare interested HUEB students to matriculate at Concordia in their senior undergraduate year. Once they complete their senior year at CUC, they graduate with degrees from both CUC and HUEB. They then have the opportunity to go on to complete CUC’s MBA program in either one or two years. They may then decide to continue into the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program upon graduating. Two graduate HUEB MBA students are joining the DBA upon graduating this fall.

Part of our general COB requirement is that any student transferring in for his or her senior year is required to take certain core courses in the CUC College of Business curriculum. It is our intention that HUEB students be well prepared when they arrive in River Forest to complete their senior year.

In order to prepare the students for study in the United States, twice a year CUC sends distinguished faculty to Shijiazhuang to teach students in subjects such as Management, Marketing, Business Law, Business Ethics, Operations Management. These courses are taught in English in order to expose students to the English immersion environment they will encounter when they arrive in Chicago.

While CUC instructors are teaching at HUEB, students from CUC have the opportunity to take CUC classes in English in Shijiazhuang, China.

Current Programs

Concordia University Chicago and Hebei University of Economics and Business currently offer our two majors: Management and Marketing. New majors in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and in Business Intelligence and Analytics are proposed to begin in 2019.

CUC and HUEB also plan to offer opportunities for students to pursue the COB’s new MA program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program, as well the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). In October 2018, 16 HUEB faculty members are anticipated starting their DBA on the CUC campus.

Benefits for HUEB Students

The benefits to HUEB students pursuing the 3 + 1 program are that, as undergraduates, they are exposed to Western business education and practices at both HUEB and at CUC and they can further develop their English language speaking skills.

Once they arrive in River Forest, some of the many program benefits for HUEB students include:

  • CUC is located in River Forest, IL, a beautiful suburb of Chicago. Students can enjoy all the attractions and excitement of city life while living and studying in a safe, quiet environment.
  • Classes are small which encourages hands-on learning. Each class is between 10 and 35 students.
  • COB faculty members get to know the students and are available to help them in many ways from class assignments to career decisions.
  • Every student is assigned an academic advisor who helps track and evaluate academic progress. The advisors help the students develop customized course programs.
  • The Concordia campus is compact and convenient with new dorms and excellent sports facilities.
  • The 3 +1 program including studies in both the United States and China gives students a competitive advantage in a crowded job market.

This program has the potential to allow HUEB students to live in the United States, improve their language skills and learn U.S. culture four years or more, if desired. For example students may:

  • First year, complete their bachelor’s degree as part of the 3 + 1 program.
  • Second year, students may elect to complete one year of Optional Practical Training (OPT).
  • Third year, students may pursue CUC's Masters in Business Administration (MBA).
  • Fourth year, after graduation, they may choose to complete another one year OPT.
  • As a final option, graduates may enroll in the 3-year DBA program.

Benefits for CUC students

  • Creates opportunities for U.S. COB students to see the broader world
  • Broadens CUC’s College of Business’ reach and brand with overseas education program opportunities.
  • Promotes awareness and appreciation of international and cultural diversity at within CUC and the COB

Students may be eligible to utilize their federal and state aid if attending an approved CUC study abroad program. All courses taken at the host institution must be accepted by CUC as part of their degree program. To determine your financial aid eligibility, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at financial.aid@cuchicago.edu or 708-209-3113.