(For background and commentary on most of these texts, see the collection Sing Peace, Sing Gift of Peace in the beginning of the file.)

+ See also the file for the Becker Psalter

A Comet Blazed Across the Skies

A Life Begins, a Child Is Born

A Woman and a Coin

Add One More Song

All Bless the God of Israel

All Things Are Yours

Amid the World’s Bleak Wilderness

Around the World the Shout Resounds

As Once in Eden Music Filled the Air

Astonished by Your Empty Tomb

Becker Psalter

Before the Marvel of This Night

Before Your Awesome Majesty +

Begin the Song of Glory Now

Be Happy, Saints

Blessed Chosen Generation

Blessed Jesus, Living Bread

By a Lake We Come to Know You

Catch the Vision! Share the Glory!

Christ, Around Your Word Assembled

Christ Goes Before

Come at the Summit of This Day

Come in Holy Awe and Truth

Come, Lord Jesus, to This Place

Come, Rest a While

Count Your Blessings, O My Soul +

Creator, God, Eternal Source of All

Creator, Keeper, Caring Lord

Eternal Word, Your Church’s Heart and Head

Ever Since the Savior Came

Far from the Time When We Were Few

Forgiven and Forgiving

Gather Your Children, Dear Savior, in Peace

Gaze in Amazement

Gift of Joy

Give Glory, All Creation +

Giver of Every Perfect Gift

Glorious Jerusalem

Go, My Children, with My Blessing

God Beyond All Worlds and Time

God First Made a Fruitful Garden

God Has a Plan for All

God, My Father, from Thy Hand

God of the Sparrow

God the Father of Us All

God, Who Built This Wondrous Planet

God, You Made This World a Garden

Good Shepherd, God’s Beloved Son

He Loves Us Forevermore

Heralds of the Cross

Here at Last the Search Is Ended

Here Is the Living Proof, Good Lord

Holy Bible, Word Divine

Holy Spirit, Gift of God

How Could I Hurt You So

How Meager and Mundane

How Pleasant, Lord, When Christians Live

I Have a Father You Would Like

I Praise You, Lord, in Every Hour +

In Darkest Night

In Hopelessness and Near Despair +

In the Streets, in Home and Workplace

Jesus, Come and Crown This Day with Blessing

Jesus, Immanuel

Jesus, Sun of Righteousness

Jesus, Take Us to the Mountain

Jesus, When You Preached

Just As a Happy Bride

Leap, World, for Joy

Let All Who Captive Lie

Let Us All Give Thanks and Sing

Let Us Praise Our Gracious God

Let Your Children Come to Me

Light the Candle

Lord, As You Taught Us Once to Pray

Lord, I Must Praise You +

Lord Jesus Christ, Your Presence Here

Lord of Lords, Adored by Angels

Mark This Moment and This Place

My Crown of Creation

Not in Lightning, Storm, and Thunder

Now as Always at Our Side

Now at the Apogee of Youth

Now, at the Peak of Wonder

Now the Silence

O Day of Days, the Day I Found

O Dearest Friend

O God, Eternal Father, Lord

Of All God’s Gifts

On This Meaningful Occasion

One by One the Spirit Calls Us

Pass in Review

Peace Came to Earth

Readings from Acts, Versified

Remember, Lord, the Times You Called Me

Rock-a-bye, My Dear Little Boy

See Mary Setting Out at Dawn

See This Wonder in the Making

Seward Liturgy

Shine Like Stars

Simon, Simon, Do You Love Me?

So Much to Sing About

Someone Special

Son of God, Which Christmas Is It?

Source of Breath from Time’s Beginning

Spirit, God, Eternal Word

Stand Before Me, Lord

The Best of Gifts

The Friend I Need

The Greatest Joy of All

The Holy Innocents

The Ordinary in Hymn Form

The Wedding Starts

Then the Glory

There’s a Gathering of Daughters

This Child of Ours

This House with All Its Parts

This Is a Time for Banners and Bells

This Is a Time to Pause and Ask

This Love, O Christ

This Time of Rest

This Touch of Love

Though Mountains Quake and Oceans Roar +

Through the Din of Life Around Me

To Know God’s Love, Behold the Cross

To the Everlasting Hills

To Those Who Seek God’s Kingdom First

Today Again, the Gift of Life

Triumphant Lamb and Lord of All

Up Through Endless Ranks of Angels

Walls Crack, the Trumpet Sounds

Weep with Us, Jesus

Welcome in the Name of Christ

What Are You Looking for, Magdalen?

What Would the World Be Like?

When God’s Dread Judgment Bursts Abroad

When the Seed of Faith Is Planted

When You Woke That Thursday Morning

Where Shepherds Lately Knelt

Where the Swallow Makes Her Nest

Where You Are; There Is Life

Who Can Conceive the One True God

Who Could Have Dreamt a Land Like This?

Who Is the One We Love the Most

Who Is This Who Comes from Nowhere?

Witness Our Best Gift from Heaven

Wondering Child of God

You’re My Good Shepherd

You Are the King

You Are the Rock

You Are the Shepherd

You Have a Special Place

You Hear the Hungry Crying

You, Jesus, Are My Shepherd True +

You Said, Pray Thus

Zion, Dwelling of the Lord