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Decimals refer to folder in manuscript archive

A Little Sonata for the Night before Christmas (1990) 90.08; (PDF downloadable)

Dedication to Gloria

Concentronics 99.09

Bagatelle for Bob and Mitsuko Epp, September 15, 1999

Early piano pieces (21 vols.) (1937-45) 40.02

Fanfare for September 19 79.10

Hymns for Piano (1962-63) 62.09; (PDF downloadable file)

27 harmonizations for simple piano texture

Meridian Walk, Ragtime for Piano (1984) 84.03 (PDF downloadable)

Nine Short Study Pieces (1952-1963) 52.02

Piano settings, Concordia Music Ed. Series (1958-1972) 58.02; Marching Theme; Adventure in Rhythm; Bugles on Parade; Song accompaniments

Piano pieces: Vol. 22 (1946) 46.01

Partita in D; Ten Sonatinas; Saturday Night Dance; Suite No. 1; Suite No. 2

Piano pieces: Vol.23 (1946-47) 46.02

Three Pieces for Piano; Four Two-Part Inventions;
Three Sketches from Wisconsin; Pastorale and Scherzo;
Six Microscopic Dances; Sonata No. 5; Sonata No. 6; Sarabande

Piano pieces: Vol. 24 (1948-1949) 47.01

Sonata No. 7; Sonata No. 8; Sonatina: 1948; Five Precipitations;
Christmas Suite; Three Album Leaves

Piano pieces: Vol. 26 (1949-50-51) 49.01

Passacaglia; Sonata Brevis; Three Short Pieces; Sonatina: 1949;
Fantasy in Three Movements; Toccata for Two Pianos;
Two Bagatelles; Sonatina in C

Piano pieces: Vol. 27 (1949-51) 49.02

Sonata No. 10,1949 (rev. as Sonatina, 1983); Sonata da Camera

Piano pieces: Vol. 28 (1950-1951) 50.02

Suite for Piano; Piano Sonata: 1950; Colloquy; Sonatina: 1950;
Two Preludes; Sonata da Camera; Sonatina: 1951; Two Preludes

Piano pieces: Vol. 29 (1951) 51.02; Sonatina: 1951; Seven Poems from Robert Epp

Prelude and Toccata on the Name of Jan Bender (1975) 75.01

Sonata for Piano (1961) 61.02 (PDF downloadable file)(mp3 file) (mp3 file) (mp3 file)

First performance: Carol Lems-Dworkin, Northwestern University, May 1962; first prize. International Society for Contemporary Music-Chicago Chapter, May 17, 1963

Sonatina for Piano (1983) 83.17

Tango Sentimentale (With Escape Tones) (1997) 97.12

Tapestry, Ragtime for Piano (1946) 46.03 (PDF downloadable) (mp3 recording)

Theme from The Pillars 94.05 (PDF downloadable)

Arrangement of "Trio" for piano solo

Three Pieces for Piano Four Hands (1947) 47.02

Piano pieces: Vol. 25 (1948-49) 48.01 Minuet in D; Sonata No. 9; Interlude; Three Waltzes; Blues;
On Seeing a Picasso Painting; Episode Romantique

Three Waltzes for Piano 49.05; See also Piano pieces: Vol. 25.

Waltz for Charlotte and Jan (1985) 85.06