A Light from Heaven                                    SATB choir, organ, optional congregation

                                                                        Text: Gracia Grindal

                                                                        Tune: Original

                                                                        Published by AF (1992)          11-2572


Christ Is the King!                                        SATB choir, trumpet, organ, congregation, opt. timpani      

                                                                        Text: George K. A. Bell (Lutheran Book of Worship, #386)

                                                                        Tune: BEVERLY   Charles R. Anders

                                                                        Published by CPH (1995)       98-3340

                                                                        [SEE HYMN-BASED under “Beverly”]


Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus              SAB choir and organ

                                                                        Text: Charles Wesley

                                                                        Tune: JEFFERSON


                                                                        [See “Hymn-Based” above]


Creator Spirit, Heavenly Dove                     Concertato for mixed choir or cantor, congregation, organ, and optional trumpet

Also utilizes the Sarum plainsong VENI, CREATOR SPIRITUS


                                                                        [See “Hymn-based” above]


Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?                 SA voices and piano

                                                                        Text: African American spiritual

                                                                        Published by AF (1993)          11-10374


                                                                        Revised version



Every Time I Feel the Spirit                         Treble choir with optional second part, flute, piano

Commissioned by Scott Hyslop for the St. Philip Lutheran School Choir.



God Is Love, Let Heav’n Adore Him          SATB choir, opt. treble instrument

                                                                        Text: Timothy Rees (1874-1939)  The Hymnal 1982, #379

                                                                        Tune: <early American; shaped-note?; original?>

Dedication: “Brian, Derek, Alissa, and Sara”

                                                                        Published by Paraclete Press (2013)  #3940

God the Father, Be Our Stay                       Concertato for mixed choir, two treble instruments, cong

                                                                        Text: Martin Luther (Massie translation) LW #170


Published by CPH (1988)       98-2817

                                                                        [See “Hymn-Based” above]


Grant, O God                                                            SATB choir, unaccompanied

                                                                        Text:  ?  <collect?>



Heavenly Hosts in Ceaseless Worship         SATB choir, opt. congregation, organ, opt. brass and timpani

                                                                        Text: Timothy Dudley-Smith

                                                                        Tune and setting: Original


His Battle Ended There                                Mixed choir, congregation, organ, xylophone, African drum and Axatse

                                                                        Text: African Chewa Hymn paraphrased by Tom Colvin

                                                                        Published by GIA (2001)       G-5329


Holy Spirit, Gift of God                                SAATB choir(with opt. desc), oboe, organ with opt. congregation

                                                                        Text: Jaroslav J. Vajda

                                                                        Tune: THE CALL (Ralph Vaughan Williams)          

Dedication: “For Bob and Tomi Rickels”      

                                                                        Published by MorningStar 2010  MSM-50-5415

(includes reproducible page for congregation)


Hosanna Now Through Advent                  Unison choir, keyboard, treble instrument

                                                                        Text: Claudia F. Hernaman  (Lutheran Worship, #16)

                                                                        Published by AF (2001)          11-11149


I Know the Lord                                           Unison, 2-pt, or 3-pt equal voices, solo, piano, glockenspiel

                                                                        Text: African American spiritual

                                                                        Dedication: “For Ashley Bryan”

                                                                        Original and revised editions

                                                                        Published by AF (1987)          11-2401

                                                                        Published by GIA (2009)       G-7186



In Bethlehem a Newborn Boy                      SATB choir, oboe, organ

                                                                        Text: Rosamond E. Herklots (1905-?)

(The Hymnal 1982, #246)

                                                                        Alt. text: “We Seek You Here, as Well, O God”.

Tune: Original

                                                                        Published by GIA (2010)       G-7346

Is There Anybody Here?                              Unison choir, optional descant, piano

                                                                        Text: African American spiritual

                                                                        Published by AF (1993)          11-10378


Jesus on the Mountain Peak            SATB choir, organ, trumpet, and optional congregation

                                                                        Text: Brian Wren (Lutheran Service Book, #415)

                                                                        Tune: SEWARD  Theodore Beck

                                                                        Published by CPH (2012)       98-4108


Look There! The Christ                               SATB choir, organ, and optional handbells (3 octaves)

                                                                        Text: John Bennett (b. 1920)

                                                                        Tune: Original

                                                                        Dedication: “Twin Cities Church Musicians Association”

                                                                        Published by CPH (1989)       98-2874


Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service        SATB choir, piano or string quartet

                                                                        BEACH SPRING

                                                                        Text: Albert F. Bayly


                                                                        [See “Hymn-Based” above]


No Saint on Earth Lives Life to Self Alone SATBB choir, viola

                                                                        Text: Norman J. Kansfield (b. 1940)

(Lutheran Service Book, #747)

Tune: SONG 1   Orlando Gibbons


Originally written for TTBB and viola(violin) commissioned by Concordia Seminary Chorus, Rev. Henry Gerike, director.  

Mixed choir version published by CPH (2009)      98-3954


One Morning Soon                                        Treble choir (unison or 2-part), piano

                                                                        Text: African American spiritual

                                                                        Published by GIA (2002)  G-5788



O Zion, Haste                                                 Choir, congregation, organ, handbells, trumpet

                                                                        Text: Mary A. Thomson

                                                                        Tune and setting: Original



Praise to the Lord, the Almighty                 SATB choir, trumpet, organ, congregational, opt. timpani

                                                                        Text: Joachim Neander  (Lutheran Service Book, #790)

                                                                        Tune: LOBE DEN HERREN 

                                                                        Dedication: “For Linda”

                                                                        Published by CPH (1997)  97-6649


Ride On, King Jesus                                     Treble choir (unison, 2- or 3-part), piano

                                                                        Text: African American spiritual

Commissioned by Scott Hyslop for the children’s choir of St. Philip’s Lutheran School, Chicago IL
Published by GIA (2003)       G-5787


Sing Aloud, O Daughter of Zion                  Advent Offertory for Unison Treble Choir and organ

                                                                        Text: Zephaniah 3:14, 17

                                                                        Dedication: “For Linda”

                                                                        Published by GIA (1985)       G-2869


Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly                    Unison choir (treble or mixed), organ, string quartet (or one treble instrument)

                                                                        Text: Roland F. Palmer

                                                                        Published by CPH (2001)       98-3633


Sing with All the Saints in Glory                 Mixed choir, opt. congregation, organ, trumpet, optional trumpet II, handbells

Text: William J. Irons  (Lutheran Service Book, #671)

Tune: MISSISSIPPI  William B. Roberts

Commissioned by St. John’s Lutheran Church

Arnold, MO to celebrate its 150th anniversary

Published by CPH (2000).      97-6840                      


Spirit of God                                                  SATB choir, organ, oboe

                                                                        Text: John Arthur   (Lutheran Book of Worship, #387)

                                                                        Tune: DONATA   Carl F. Schalk

                                                                        Published by AF (1984)          11-2200


The Lord’s My Shepherd                             SA choir, organ

                                                                        Text: The Psalms of David in Meeter, Edinburgh, 1630

                                                                        Published by NPH (1996)  28N6015

There’s a Star in the East                             Mixed choir, solo



This Joyful Eastertide                                   SATB choir, organ, trumpet, and congregation

                                                                        Text: George R. Woodward (Lutheran Service Book, #482)

                                                                        Tune: VRUECHTEN

                                                                        Published by NPH (2015)      


Triumphant from the Grave                        SATB choir, two or three trumpets, organ, congregation

                                                                        Text: Werner Franzmann  (Lutheran Worship, #144)

                                                                        Tune: TRIUMPH   Bruce Backer

                                                                        Published by CPH (1989)       98-2868


Triune God, Oh, Be Our Stay                      SATB choir, two treble instruments, organ, congregation

                                                                        Text: Martin Luther (Massie trans)

(Lutheran Worship, #170)

                                                                        Tune: GOTT DER WATER WOHN UNS BEI


When You Woke That Thursday Morning SATB choir, organ, flute, opt. congregation

                                                                        Text: Jaroslav J. Vajda  (Lutheran Service Book, #445)

                                                                        Tune: JOYOUS LIGHT  (Haugen)

                                                                        Dedication: “For Rich Claybaker and Judi Klingsick”

                                                                        Published by CPH (2009).      98-3976

(reproducible page for congregation included)