Jesus and the Traders

                Baritone solo, cello/bass, and percussion

                Written in the 12-tone style while a student of Ross Lee Finney at the University of Michigan, ca. 1955.

Love in Christ

                Low and high voice versions

                Text: Dorothy Schultz  Copyright © 1980 CPH

                Tune: DOROTHY Copyright © 1980 CPH.

                Written for the wedding of daughter Deborah in 1978.

                Subsequently revised and included as a hymn in Lutheran Worship, Christian Worship, and Lutheran Service Book.

                Published as a choral octavo in 1979 by CPH. 98-2440

May the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly

                Published for high and low voice

                Text: Dorothy Schultz

                Written for the wedding of children Juliana and Jonathan Schultz.

Also published as an SATB octavo by CPH in 1992/98-3001

O Give Thanks and Celebrate God’s Love

                Treble solo, oboe, piano

                Text: Dorothy Schultz

                Written for the baptisms of three grandchildren—Tyler, Alyson, and Lyndsie. Used from 1997-2002.

Trust in the Lord

                Bass solo, string quartet

                Text: Psalm 37:1-6 plus stanza two of the hymn “Commit Whatever Grieves Thee”/The Lutheran Hymnal, #520