These downloadable PDF scans are provided for study purposes only. If you wish to perform one of these pieces publicly (including in a worship service), please contact the publisher/copyright holder for information.


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Numerals refer to folder in manuscript archive


A Wedding Prayer 48.02 /98.03

Voice and organ; text RH

Deep Peace, A Gaelic Blessing 83.06

Song for voice and piano
Text: A Gaelic Blessing, anonymous
First performance: Pamela Bardolph, 8 May 1983

Early songs: 1937-1945. 10 volumes 40.01

Four Little Songs with piano (1970-75) 70.06

The Letter; King of the Northland; On Valentine's Day; Birthday Song
"Ballad for Susan and Carlos"
Voice and piano

Gethsemane, from Seven Psalms of Grace 03.20 (PDF downloadable)

Arr. For solo baritone and piano or organ keyboard

How Are Things at Nine Two Four?  76.02

Ballad for Susan and Carlos.
Voice and piano

Karen's Song from "The Elves and the Shoemaker" 78.03

Let's Take a Trip Up to the Moon 02.08

Song with piano, adapted from Sing Praises, Book Two
("The Space Ship," 1965)
Words: Alice Schmidt and RH
For the first grade children, Grace Lutheran School, May 2002

 Now Found Is the Fairest of Roses 76.04

Voice and piano setting of traditional Danish carol Christmas, An American Annual of Christmas Literature and Art, Vol. 47
APH, 1977

Puffed Potatoes in the Half Shell 99.05

Canonic song for youth voices and piano; words: RH

Radio Songs, voice and piano 94.07/01.09/03.08 (PDF downloadable)

Long Ago in April (mp3 file) ; I'm Looking for a New Song;
Ask Me Again; You'd Never Know Me Now (mp3 file); Someone Like You (mp3 file)

Settings for the Concordia Music Education Series (1958-1972) 58.02

Songs for youth voices with piano
Song arrangements and accompaniments
Original songs include Falling Snow; Many Things; Christopher Columbus;
On Halloween; Hippety Hop to Bed; When Summertime Comes; School Is Over; Memorial Day; Because IPs Spring; George Washington; Abraham Lincoln;
It's Halloween; My Goldfish; March; Birch Trees; The Space Ship; The Gas Station Man

Song of Seibo Gakuen 70.04

Unison voices and keyboard
Text: Japanese
Commissioned as school song for Seibo Gakuen School, Urawa, Japan; dedicated 1 Sept. 1970

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening 49.04/97.02

Voice and piano; poem: Robert Frost

The Ballad of William Klemz 93.05 (PDF downloadable)

Voice and piano; lyrics: RH, 7 April 1993

The Open Road 82.07 (PDF downloadable) (mp3 file)

Voice and piano
Arrangement from choral work. Three Fashions
First performance, April 21, 1983, Susan Krout, soprano

Three Songs, poems by Robert Epp 51.01 / 97.03

Voice and piano
Forms; Sewing; Night Lights (with RH)

Two Songs with Jazz Ensemble 80.10 (mp3 file)

  1. Autumn in Gold, lyrics by Clayton Johnson
  2. Night Lights, lyrics by Epp/Hillert
    Arr. by David Osenberg, performed Concordia College, 21 Nov. 1980

Unity Through Three 95.19

Unison, keyboard
Alma Mater song for Science and Arts Academy, Des Plaines, IL

Vegetables Vegetables 97.05

Canonic song for youth voices; words: RH

When Love Is Found 00.02

Solo voice, flute, keyboard
Introduction and descants for English tune, O WALY WALY

Where Did You Come From, Baby Dear? 95.02 (PDF downloadable)

For Kathryn and Mark Brewer