The Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Iowa and Other States was organized in 1854. The Iowa Synod helped organize the National Lutheran Council in 1918 and the American Lutheran Church in 1930.

Wartburg Publishing House (Chicago IL) was established in 1880 and in 1944 was absorbed into the Wartburg Press of Columbus, OH, which in turn became in 1961 a part of Augsburg Publishing House in Minneapolis.

14.a1   Wartburg Hymnal for Church, School and Home.  Edited by O. Hardwig and published by Wartburg Publishing House, Chicago IL 1918.

Order of the Sunday School, opening service for Young People’s Societies, Scripture Lessons, Psalms, table of Epistles and Gospels, 375 hymns.

To peruse online, go to; click on “hymnals”; Under “search” in the “hymnal, number” box type in WHCS1918 and click on “search”.