(For background and commentary on most of these texts, see the collection Sing Peace, Sing Gift of Peace in the beginning of the file.)


* See also the file Five Slovak Carols (Alexander Moyzes settings; CPH 1980)

** See also the file Bethlehem Carols published by Villa Sacred Heart in 1967

*** See also the file Four Slovak Carols (Schalk settings) CPH 1976

SOURCES: Slovak Carols and Hymns

A Cuckoo Flew Out of the Wood

Ascending, Christ Returns to God

Christians, Gather Round **, ***

Christians, Let Us Remember

Come in Holy Awe and Truth

Come Now, Shepherds, Quickly Come **

Dear Father God, We Rise to Say

Dear Little Jesus, We Come to Thy Bed **

Glory Be to You, O Father

God, My Lord, My Strength

Greet Now the Swiftly Changing Year

Hear Me, O My Precious Love

Heaven’s Dawn Is Breaking Brightly **, ***

Here We Kneel at Your Feet

How Lovely and How Pleasant

Let Our Gladness Banish Sadness *   **

Lo, What a Wonder

Look! Judah’s Lion Wins the Strife

Make Songs of Joy

Oh, What Tidings Bright *

Out to the Hills **

Rise Up, Bethl’em Shepherds, Rise **

Shepherds All, Come *

Shepherds of Bethlehem ***

Slumber, Lovely Baby *

Tell Us, Shepherds, Why So Joyful **, ***

Wake to the Wonder *

Wake Up, Brother, Listen

While Mary Rocks Her Child to Rest **

Your Heart, O God, Is Grieved



A Dove Flew Down from Heaven

All Glory, Praise, and Blessing

All Who Crave a Greater Measure

Break Forth in Praise to God

Bach’s Christmas Oratorio Chorales

Dearest Lord Jesus, Why Are You Delaying

Delicate Child of Royal Line

For Your Mercy I Implore You

Hear Me, Help Me, Gracious Savior

If God Is Absent, All the Cost

In Bethlehem a Wonder

Lord, We Hold Your Goodness Precious

Now Shine, Bright Glow of Majesty

Now to This Babe So Tender

O Father, Send the Spirit Down

O Joyous Christmas Night

Since You Are Risen from the Dead

Sleep, My Little One

Sleep Softly, Softly, Beautiful Jesus

Sleep Well, Dear Heavenly Boy

The Rescue We Were Waiting For

Three Angels Are Singing

Up, O Shepherds

Wake, Shepherds, Awake

What Love, Lord Jesus, That You Go

World, for All Your Gain and Pleasure



Lutheran World Federation correspondence re: Laudamus

Blessed Be the Precious Baby

From the Shadow of My Pain

Who’s That Sitting on the Ground?



Breath of the Living God

Come, Shepherds, Come

On a Lonely Field

Sweetest Song of This Bright Season

The King the Wise Men Found



Hail the Savior’s Very Body



Christ, the Model of the Meek

Come Rejoicing, Praises Voicing

Faithful Christians, One and All

God Almighty, Lord Most Holy

How Shall We Thank You, Christ, Our Lord?

Let Us Sing With Heart and Voice

Now Go to Sleep

Out of the Forest a Cuckoo Flew

Rock-a-Bye, My Dear Little Boy

This Glorious Easter Festival



As Out of the Stem the Branch Grows

Hymn of the Night

Proclaim to the Captives



My Maker’s Praises (Gerhardt Commemoration)

Since You Are Risen (Bach cantata chorus)

Seven Christmas Carols (Hermann Schroeder settings for CPH in 1971, 1973)

Three Translations from the Slovak (for Cresset magazine)

World, for All Your Gain and Pleasure  (for CPH choral collection)