Concordia University Chicago is highly regarded among The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod congregations nationwide for the contribution of its students, graduates and faculty members to congregational life.

Our high-quality academic instruction and an array of internship and service possibilities in the Chicagoland area equip church professionals with the tools needed to be effective in their future ministries. You will become part of a community committed to the intellectual and spiritual growth of each member.

Concordia-Chicago offers the following Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod church professional programs:

Learn more about our Church Work programs by downloading this brochure – Called to Serve: LCMS Church Professional Programs at CUC  


Men and women of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod who have graduated from a school other than one of the colleges or universities of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and are interested in becoming certified by the synod for status as a Minister of Religion, Commissioned, may pursue the Teacher, DCE, or Deaconess Colloquy Program. For further information contact the Director/Coordinator of each program.

DCE Colloquy

Dr. Debbie Arfsten
Phone: 708-209-3604
Fax: 708-209-3246

Deaconess Colloquy

Kristin Wassilak
Phone: 708-209-3136
Fax: 708-209-3176

Tuition for colloquy theology courses taken on campus at Concordia-Chicago will be billed at the current Undergraduate rate per credit hour. For questions about the Colloquy program please contact Kevin Borchers at 708-209-3593. Inquires about tuition should be made to the Student Business Services office at 708-209-3241. 

Study Format: On Campus and Online

*If a colloquy candidate is an employee of an LCMS organization, they may be eligible for the Concordia Supplemental Church Professional Award (CSCPA). Once completed, the application should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office

Theology requirements for Teacher, DCE and DPM Colloquy programs can be completed online. Inquire at