In this program, Concordia University Chicago's purpose is to guide young men in the process of discernment, while also preparing them for further studies.

Upon receiving your degree, you will be recognized as having completed a program of studies that competently prepares you to attend the seminary of your choice, after graduation. 

Study Format

  • On Campus
  • Online

Pre-Seminary Program and Degree Overview

Concordia-Chicago’s program is a fellowship of young men who support and encourage each other in friendship, faith and study.

At CUC you’ll discover a built-in community to help direct your discernment about where the Lord might be leading you in life and ministry.

Our theological faculty is recognized and respected throughout the Church. They are authors of numerous published books, articles and commentaries, and also serve as adjunct faculty for our LCMS seminaries.

The director of the Pre-Seminary program also serves as Concordia-Chicago’s campus pastor. He works closely with our students, mentoring their academic, spiritual and personal development. By entering CUC’s program, you will hit the ground running with many mission, ministry and service opportunities—all intended to help you discern whether being a pastor is the right calling for you.

Our Pre-Seminary program offers three degree tracks:

  1. A liberal arts track in which you will take theology courses and professional support courses, while choosing a liberal arts major and minor. 
  2. The second degree track is through the College of Education in which you will follow the secondary education Lutheran teacher education track and take several theology courses.

Pre-seminary students select a major either in liberal arts or teacher education. Recommended majors within the liberal arts are theological languages, history, psychology, philosophy, sociology or English. These programs meet all academic entrance requirements for both LCMS Synodical seminaries. CUC’s depth and breadth of coursework prepares students to enter and excel at the seminary level.

For details about required courses, please visit our online catalog.

Pre-Seminary Major Opportunities

Concordia University Chicago’s faculty, staff, curriculum, location and library resources enhance the offerings of the Pre-Seminary program.

CUC’s world-class location provides easy access to the cultural, learning and servant opportunities of a major city. A rich variety of Lutheran congregations and service organizations exist within an easy distance to the campus. Our library is one of the oldest and most complete theological libraries in the Synod, with access to the resources of other major Chicago schools.