The University community strives to develop, live and share a common vision for our work together.

  • A Culture Rich in Planning, Collaboration and Action: Comprehensive and ongoing strategic planning will become part of the institutional culture, with a focus on collaboration and actionable outcomes. A dedicated office will provide leadership for the related planning processes as well as facilitation of institutional problem solving. Management, sharing and analysis of data will become a significant driver for strategic decision making.
  • Invest in our People and Marketing: A University functions most successfully and best serves it constituents when faculty and staff are provided with resources that facilitate personal and professional growth. New, employee-focused initiatives will ensure the University is able to retain its best workers and attract highly qualified new team members. Specific areas of focus include professional development opportunities, leadership growth, and fair and healthy compensation.
  • Equipping Personnel to Lead and Thrive Faithfully: As an institution of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and Concordia University System, faith plays a primary role in defining the University’s identity. Fully incorporating the University’s Lutheran mission and identity into the faculty and staff hiring and development processes will ensure that all employees understand, support and live out these principles in all that they do.
  • Centralize Marketing Thinking and Resources: The University’s Mission and Vision will be at the center of a revitalized marketing strategy, which will also focus on managing the University’s reputation and relevance with all key stakeholders. A centralized marketing structure will consolidate resources, increase collaboration, and support the use of common visual and written communications institution-wide. A reconceptualization of both internal and external communications will ensure the right messages get to the right audiences using the right mediums.