Start your child’s learning journey today.

The Early Childhood Education Center provides a strong academic foundation for your child integrated with a creative and spiritual experience unlike any other.

Early Childhood Education Center COVID-19 Update:

Thank you to the Concordia community for your support of the ECEC staff and families as we have navigated the new protocols and mandates from DCFS during our reopening. It is wonderful to see the smiles, happy children and hear laughter in our hallways again.  

Beginning July 13,  we will be open from 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Several lab students will be joining us to maintain our ratios and integrity of programming.  

There are still a lot of questions about the fall semester and we will make a determination closer to the end of August in regards to the center hours.

We Nurture

Our curriculum concerns the development of social, emotional, physical, cognitive, spiritual, language and literacy skills. We cultivate children’s curiosity, and cherish each of their individual, spirited personalities. We also nurture their bodies—students go outside several times a day, whether on the outdoor playground or the campus backyard. On rainy days, our indoor playground area features floor-to-ceiling windows and ample space to jump, move and climb.

We Teach

The ECEC has a long tradition of providing the best learning experiences for children and keeping up with the most innovative approaches to education. The Reggio approach, which states that children must be able to explore the world around them, guides our educational philosophy. This approach is partnered with project-based learning to meet each child’s individual needs.

We Create

Hands-on, inviting classroom settings make children of every age feel a part of the community. In our project-based curriculum, students and their classmates select a topic to learn about, and become young investigators. Our one-of-a-kind Project Studio allows students to create art and express themselves through various tactile experiences, in order to develop fine motor skills and stimulate creative thinking.

How We’re Different

Our connection to the University allows the ECEC to provide an exceptional and unique student experience for your child. Some benefits include: 

  • Exposure to the University’s music and art departments
  • Spiritual activities, including bimonthly Chapel
  • Once-a-week visits (for those ages 3+) to the University dining hall to enjoy balanced meals and community time
  • Access to campus-wide facilities for learning, exploring and daily exercise
  • Enrollment through kindergarten, allowing the move from preschool upward to be a natural and stress-free transition