Premium piano - and now guitar - instruction for both children and adults from the surrounding communities.

Students at any level, from beginning through advanced, are eligible for lessons with our specially trained faculty.

We provide a warm and supportive environment in which musicians can explore the world of music, develop positive attitudes about themselves and the arts, and grow in their ability to understand their feelings and express them. In addition to developing new physical skills and affording the sheer pleasure of learning to play the piano, music study can contribute greatly to a child’s intellectual and emotional growth.

Our innovative approach combines the best of traditional methods with the latest thinking and techniques in music education. It is a creative approach that helps all students realize their greatest potential and musical growth. Our faculty members are specially trained in teaching students of all ages and levels and appear regularly in their own professional performances.

Beginning Piano - Group Lessons for Kids

In our comprehensive piano program designed for 5-and 6-year-olds, your child will learn in small groups of four students per 45-minute class. It’s the learning style most natural to young children—and, it’s fun. Our instructors are a team of highly accomplished performers whose main interest is teaching.

All children enrolled in lessons get the unique experience of combining private with group instruction. The private lesson emphasizes individualized instruction in repertoire, technique and musicianship. A monthly group lesson promotes performance as well as additional training in theory, music history and practice skills. This social environment is an indispensable way to have fun and learn at the same time. (There are no private lessons during group weeks). Students must have access to a keyboard for practice at home.

Read more about our approach to successful instruction with beginning students.

A parent or guardian is required at the first class meeting. After that, it’s strongly encouraged. Think of it as two lessons for the price of one: you can learn to play piano right alongside your child! This level of participation is not required, but frequent class observation by the parents does have a direct relationship to the students’ enjoyment of the class. Informed parents are better able to assist and encourage their children in at-home practice. Nonetheless, students will be sent home each week with a written assignment that you can use to help guide and check on their practice.

Concordia Music Achievement Examinations

All children who study piano in the program for at least one year participate in the Concordia Music Achievement (CMA) examinations. This yearly assessment gives students clear goals in performance, technique and theory and also provides parents and teachers with an objective evaluation of student progress.

Enroll Today: Contact Jeff Kleinsorge at 708-209-3141.

One-on-One Lessons - All Ages and Abilites

Adult students of all ages and levels are able to enroll for traditional, weekly private lessons. Music instruction has been a part of the University's fabric for more than 150 years, which means you're assured a learning experience rooted in tradition, but also one that involves that latest techniques.

Learn a new skill or perfect an old one with private piano lessons at Concordia University Chicago. We’ve been offering one-on-one piano lessons as part of a comprehensive musicianship program for more than 30 years. Beginning this fall, we will add classical guitar to our offerings. Our lessons are designed by musicians who specialize in the art of teaching. We prepare our piano students for participation in activities within the local community, across the Chicago area, and in regional and international programs.
Contact: Jeff Kleinsorge for lessons and availability 708-209-3141 for additional information.

Meet our Faculty

Learn more about our experienced team of teachers.