The University will identify and carry out partnerships that benefit both the partner and the University, and contribute to the common good.

  • Mission-Focused Partners of Choice: External partnerships will become an integral component of successful operation. Advisory councils comprising key stakeholders will be established to provide regular and ongoing guidance to each of the academic colleges. Designed as reciprocal relationships, partnerships will be regularly evaluated to ensure quality, consistency and value. Similarly, partnerships will play a key role in connecting the University with significant external resources and the completion of an initial silent phase of a comprehensive fundraising campaign. Additionally, an increase in annual fundraising will help the organization to realize ambitious capital projects and significantly strengthen its balance sheet.
  • Connecting Students, Alumni and Partners: Fostering meaningful connections between current students at all academic levels and successful alumni will be the cornerstone of a sustainable mentoring program. Students will benefit from increased job prospects and professional relationships as the University strengthens connections with employers and business partners.
  • Optimized for Advancement and Alumni Engagement: University leadership, at all levels, will create a culture of philanthropy by example, with 100% contributing gifts annually as a result of strengthened partnerships. That same culture will be fostered within the University’s broad Alumni population through the launch of a new Alumni Associate Membership program focused on increasing participation across all giving categories.
  • Developing and Organizing an Intentional Network of Friends: Strong community partnerships will play a significant role in the University’s future growth. These relationships will be particularly relevant to the success of the academic colleges, each of which will identify two programs every year that will invite engagement with alumni and community partners alike.