The University will provide a formative student experience by promoting academics, co-curricular activities and pre-professional experiences that enable students to live out the University’s Mission, Vision and Values.

  • Grounded in Truth, Equipped for Freedom and Vocation: Through a comprehensive educational experience grounded in Truth, students will be equipped to fully realize Freedom and Vocation. Rigorous academic programs will focus on missional distinctiveness with the goal of transforming students’ lives within the context of the University mission. Comprehensive essential learning outcomes will guide a unified and measurable academic experience for all students, ensuring their preparedness to fully realize their vocations upon graduation.
  • Invest in Campus Facilities: A comprehensive master plan will guide short- and long-term investment in state-of-the-art facilities which will support robust academic learning experiences and engaging co-curricular activities. With the goal of improving aesthetics, longevity and campus functionality, deferred maintenance and capital projects alike will be realized through an aggressive, four-year strategic budget focused on the missional and market viability of academic programs and co-curricular activities. An annual Rapid Response Fund will also help the University realize low-cost, high-visibility campus improvement projects each year, demonstrating and celebrating the University’s ongoing dedication to an excellent on-campus experience for students, faculty and staff alike.
  • High-Impact Learning Practices: As part of a robust core curriculum, centered on great works, all traditional undergraduates will engage in high-impact learning practices focused on the University’s mission, vision and values. Similar opportunities will also be available for transfer and Accelerated Degree Completion students, with alternate requirements and relevancy. The academic experience will extend beyond the classroom and into every aspect of the on-campus experience as realized through new, themed living/learning communities.
  • Comprehensive Student Plan: The establishment of CU Learn, which will unite all student academic support services under single umbrella, will significantly increase collaboration between these integral areas. Together, with a primary focus on student retention, this area will work to develop and revise curriculum, manage academic policies, and drive an institution-wide culture of continuous improvement and self-assessment. Students will also benefit from a clear pathway for determining, measuring and ensuring individual academic success. Significant enhancements to athletic and co-curricular programs will further augment enrollment growth by providing an engaging student experience built upon a foundational culture of caring and support.