Frequently Asked Questions

Funds that come from a source other than the University are called “outside resources.” The University would receive written verification from the source of the amount you are receiving and for what term(s). This information is then entered in a section in the system in which our department is notified of the funds, however the money does not post until the actual funds have been received by the University. You may deduct the amount you are to receive as an outside resource from your bill as long as the University has received verification.

You are notified via email by TouchNet of any missed payments or if your contract was terminated. As the payment plan represents your means to secure your payment for tuition, the balance is due in full immediately. A deadline will be given to pay by and if that is not met, your next semester’s registration may be in jeopardy. You can call or email Student Business Services to discuss your options in detail. SBS Main Line: 708.209.3241 OR

Each student is assigned a financial aid counselor by the University. Take the opportunity to speak with your counselor regarding additional loan options. If you are not in direct contact with your assigned counselor, you can reach the CUC Office of Financial Aid via email or phone: OR call 708-209-3113.

If you registered for courses at Concordia University Chicago, you have committed to attending class and have taken a seat in a particular class. At the time you sign your registration form, you are acknowledging your financial obligation to the University for service rendered. As the University cannot register you without your signature, we cannot withdraw you without a signature unless there is a default in payment, at which point you would be subject to a University withdrawal. Failure to attend does not constitute as a withdrawal. You must make your Academic Advisor aware of any and all courses you want to withdraw from.

The most common reason that your financial aid is missing from your billing statement is that your financial aid file is incomplete. Your financial aid file must be complete in order for your awarded aid to post to your tuition account. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure their file is complete in a timely manner to avoid any delay or cancellation of awarded funds. Completion of the financial aid file usually requires the student to submit various documents requested by the Financial Aid Office.  

Since you are notified if you have a balance after school starts via your Concordia-Chicago email, you have 30 days from the date of the statement to pay your balance. If you do not pay your balance, you will be assessed service charges accordingly.

A Business Services hold is automatically placed on your account if your account has a past due balance. This hold prevents future registrations. If you cannot pay your past due balance or if you have questions regarding your past due balance, do not hesitate to contact the Business Services Office for assistance. We can be reached via email or phone: or call 708.209.3241.