Connect with your Student Ambassador and learn how to engage in University life at Concordia-Chicago.

Ambassadors play an important role in shaping the future of the University by helping in the Undergraduate Admissions Offices, giving campus tours, talking to new students on the phone and participating in visit days. 

Benjamin Simmons

Major: Director of Christian education major /  Education, psychology and theology minors

Hometown: Westminster, Maryland

What's your favorite thing about CUC? As many students would say, my favorite part of CUC is the community. I have never met a more diverse, acceptable, energetic and passionate group of people than those who attend Concordia Chicago. Each person brings such a unique prospective on life and gets to join me on the journey of being a college student.

What is your dream job? I hope to one day serve in a church as a DCE that also has a school attached to it. I want to be teaching in the classroom and developing youth ministry and outreach programs. I would love to have an office with a big window, a coffee maker, and an open door that anyone can walk through if they just need to chat or need my help. In the end wherever God places me is exactly where I will need to be.

What's your advice to your 17 year-old self? The only thing that matters in searching for the right college is if the experience and degree will help you pursue your dreams and ambitions. Do not worry about who you are right now, the people at college will help shape you into the person you want to be. For now, hug the people around you, enjoy the big events, celebrate when you can, go outside, play with your dog, just do not take the little things for granted. Life is going to be challenging in college, but these moments are shaping you more than you will ever realize.

Sydney Paulauskis-Lauher

Major: Double major: Business communication and accounting / Sports management minor

Hometown: Springfield, Illinois

What is your favorite place on campus? My favorite place on campus would have to be The Den because this is the best place to eat and hang out with teammates. I love the variety of food from Subway to Big Cats and how there are always changes in the $3 Meal Deals.

What's your advice to your 17 year-old self? The advice I would give to my 17 year old self would be to trust the process. Coach Sarah O'Malley-Fisher always tells us to trust the process and that has been the best advice to give to young women going through college. By working hard and putting your best foot forward, you can expect great things to happen to you while at CUC.

What is it like to play a sport at an NCAA Division III school? Playing an NCAA Division III sport has given me a ton of opportunities. By playing softball at a D3 school, I have also been able to work and do other extra-curricular activities like SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee), where I am the Executive Board Treasurer. While still being competitive and engaging, playing softball at CUC has given me my best friends and an experience I will never forget.

Jesse Mueller

Major: Secondary Education – English (LTE) major with a middle grades literacy endorsement / theology minor

Hometown: Fenton, Missouri

What is your favorite place on campus? My favorite place on campus would have to be Zoar Plaza. Although it just looks like a group of picnic tables, this spot has been where some of my favorite memories have been made. Situated right by the Triangle (the center of campus), you can always see what's going on, say hi to friends as they pass by, and hang out with friends in a nice, central location!

What's your favorite thing about CUC? It would have to be the community! There is definitely something special about the connections you make at CUC. A lot of schools might say that, but I can undeniably say that the friendships I have made at CUC will be maintained for life. Not to mention that I have friends from all different backgrounds, areas of study, and extracurricular activities! 

Why is CUC your college choice? The level of care that I received on my visit was phenomenal. I came on a large group visit day towards the end of my senior year of high school because I was having second thoughts about my previous school choice. After spending four (yes, 4!) hours on campus, I knew that this would be my future home. From the faculty, to the staff, to the students, I felt cared for, supported, and valued as a member of a family should - and my journey had only just begun!

Damian Rojas

Major: Middle grades education – math major

Hometown: Joliet, Illinois

What's your favorite thing about CUC?  My favorite thing about CUC is the people on campus, everyone is so positive and nice.

What is it like to play a sport at an NCAA Division III school? Playing a sport at an NCAA division III school is very competitive and is at a very high level as many other divisions across the nation. While being very competitive, it is such a good time and a good experience.

What is your favorite place on campus? My favorite place on campus is South Gym because my teammates and I are always playing pickup games and hanging out like a big family. 

Elizabeth Cyrwus

Major: English – Secondary Education

Hometown: Chicago, IL

What's your favorite thing about CUC? My favorite thing about CUC is the people. Everyone -the staff, faculty, and students- is what makes CUC, CUC. This college community is like no other because of how genuine the people are, they truly care for the individual and want the best for them whatever that may be. 

Why is CUC your college choice? CUC is my college choice because I knew I was going to succeed here academically, socially, and athletically. Because of its size, CUC allows me to mingle with different people and develop actual relationships. I also get the one-on-one interaction with my professors which gives me an advantage that bigger colleges don't have.

What is it like to play a sport at an NCAA Division III school? Playing at a D3 school gives me the best of both worlds because I can excel in athletics, academics, and socializing. CUC still holds the intensity of a D1 school and expects even more from the individual both mentally and physically. Not only do you continue playing the sport that you love, but you also get to explore other activities and organizations.

Michelle Frerking

Major: Middle grades education – English and science (LTE)

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

What's your favorite thing about CUC? My favorite thing about CUC is the people! It might sound cliché, but the small campus community helps me to feel like Concordia is a home away from home. The Concordia community is so genuine and caring, and I am certain that many of the friends I have made here are lifelong.

Why is CUC your college choice? I chose CUC because of the outstanding program quality combined with the Christian environment. I wanted to go to a college that gave me opportunities to grow both in my faith with others and to grow as a student preparing to start a career. Concordia does both!

What is your favorite place on campus? My favorite place on campus is the Triangle. I love doing homework with my friends outside when the weather's nice, and snowball fights in the winter are a must!

Aidan Vizi

Major: Physical Education

Hometown: Bethel, Connecticut

What's your favorite thing about CUC? It is a small university where I can play lacrosse and have time to do other activities, as well.

What's your advice to your 17-year-old self? My advice to my 17 year old self would be to enjoy the little things in life and look for a school where you can see your future.

Why is CUC your college choice? CUC was my college choice because of the small atmosphere. I have made so many lifelong friends.