The Bachelor of Arts in in Kindergarten-12 Foreign Language - Spanish Language Education is designed for students with a passion for Spanish language and teaching.

If you have an interest in learning to read, write and teach using multiple languages in a school setting, this is the perfect program for you.

Spanish Education Program and Degree Overview

Originally founded as the Addison Teachers Seminary in 1864, the University has a 150-year track record of producing some of the most qualified teachers in the country.

More than a dozen CUC graduates have been recognized by the highly prestigious Golden Apple Foundation for outstanding teaching, which speaks volumes about the level of training you will receive.

Your professors will help you learn to master the classroom as well as to communicate effectively in Spanish. You will learn the latest methodologies in content and methods for the classroom while you study the written and spoken Spanish language.

Our location near Chicago provides access to a rich socio-economic learning environment at the crossroads of urban and suburban communities.

In addition to your general education courses, you will progress from basic Spanish language classes to advanced courses in conversation, grammar, composition and linguistics. Upon completion of the program, you will demonstrate proficiency in speaking, writing and reading.

The Bachelor of Arts in in Kindergarten-12 Foreign Language - Spanish Language Education leads to the State of Illinois Professional Educator Licensure in K-12 Foreign Language - Spanish Education. Kindergarten-12 Spanish Education majors must complete all requirements of the College of Education to be eligible for licensure.

As a teacher candidate, you must complete a rigorous 16-week student teaching internship in real classrooms. This means you are managing and teaching a class of your own and building your resume before you graduate.

For information about specific courses, please visit our online catalog.