University Reporting

A report to the University may be made by:

  • An individual who has experienced sexual misconduct;
  • Anyone who receives a report or information from someone who may have experienced or has experienced sexual misconduct (e.g. friends, family, university mandatory reporters); and/or
  • Anyone who otherwise has information that sexual misconduct may have occurred or has occurred (e.g. witness, hearsay).

Making the decision to report sexual misconduct and choosing how to proceed are difficult decisions. You may be uncertain at first about how to proceed, and your feelings about reporting and proceeding may change over time.

  • Our main concern is that you are safe and you get the resources and support you need.
  • We support all survivors of sexual misconduct during this decision-making process. 
  • University mandatory reporters must immediately inform the Title IX Coordinator about allegations of sexual misconduct about which they are made aware.
  • Although it is your choice to report sexual misconduct at any time, we encourage survivors to immediately report incidents of sexual misconduct.
  • We encourage the reporting of sexual misconduct to both the University and the police.
  • It is always your choice to continue to participate in the University process and/or investigation.

When you click on the “Report Sexual Misconduct” button on the right-hand side of this page to report an allegation, you are submitting information to the University’s Title IX Lead Coordinator to take action. The complainant will get a response within 12 hours of receipt of this report. If you need more immediate support, please see the sidebar for 24-hour hotlines, safe places, treatment centers and related resources available to you.

Police Reporting

If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 9-1-1 immediately.

To report a crime, contact the River Forest Police Department at 708-366-7125.

To report a non-criminal incident, suspicious behavior, or if you just need more information about the options that may be available, contact the Department of Public Safety at 708-209-3039.

Mandatory Reporting

Employees*, including RAs and student workers, who are made aware of sexual misconduct are required to immediately report the incident to the Title IX Office.

*Exceptions are Counseling Center staff and the University Ministry staff, when serving in his/her official capacity.