CUC Jump Start 2020

We’re excited to provide all new freshman and transfer students with a Jump Start on their college education! Jump Start is a required orientation program that you’ll want to attend. The program is designed to assist you and your family in becoming familiar with the unique and special aspects of the University and provides you with an opportunity to get to know current student leaders, faculty and staff. You also have the opportunity to take care of important business while you are on campus such as obtaining your CUC Student ID, registering for your parking pass, meeting with the Business Services and Financial Aid office as well as creating your official fall schedule.   

Online registration for Summer 2020 Jump Start is NOW OPEN on Concordia Connect

Summer 2020 Jump Start Dates

Dates Registration Deadline
June 19 Friday, June 12
June 26 Friday, June 19
June 27 Saturday, June 20
July 16 Thursday, July 9
July 23 Thursday, July 16
August 12 Wednesday, August 5
August 13 Thursday, August 6


Jump Start for Transfer Students

As a transfer student, we know you’ve chosen CUC for very specific reasons.  While you’ve gained experience as a college student, CUC is unique in its character, policies and resources. To help you become better acquainted with the CUC campus, all transfer students are required to attend an orientation program called Jump Start. Transfer Jump Start is designed specifically for you.  We understand you may have previously experienced other orientation programs in the past.  However, the CUC Jump Start program gives you the opportunity to gain important information about CUC.  You will feel more familiar with the campus, understand the many resources available to help you succeed and will meet other transfer students. 

Do you plan to begin at CUC in the fall 2020 term? 

Fall 2020 classes begin Monday, August 24.  In order to help you be fully prepared for the beginning of classes at CUC, all new students are required to attend a one-day Transfer Jump Start program.  The following dates are specifically designed for the transfer student: Friday, July 10, Friday, July 31 or Wednesday, August 19.  The Jump Start program provides you with a better understanding about the many programs, opportunities and resources available to you.  I n addition, you will have the opportunity to take care of any final details (obtain student ID, purchase parking pass, meet with financial aid dept., etc) before the semester begins.

The entire CUC community is happy that you have entrusted us with your continuing education.  Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance, everyone in is committed to making your transition to Concordia as smooth as possible.

Online registration for summer 2020 Jump Start is NOW OPEN on Concordia Connect

Summer 2020 Transfer Jump Start Dates: 

Program Sessions Registration Deadlines
Friday, July 10 Friday, July 3
Friday, July 31 Friday, July 24
Wednesday, August 19 Wednesday, August 12

Download your CUC Transfer Checklist (PDF) to review what you need to do to prepare for enrollment in the Fall 2019 semester.

Transfer Jump Start includes presentations and interactive sessions to help you:

  • Become familiar with CUC connect, Blackboard, Banner (computer programs)
  • Learn more about campus events, programs and ways to get connected rom current student leaders
  • Understand what documents are required before classes begin
  • Engage with an academic advisor
  • Connect with business services and financial aid office
  • Complete the math placement exam (if applicable)

Winter Jump Start

To help you become better acquainted with campus, all new students are required to attend an orientation program called Jump Start. Our Winter Jump Start is designed especially to give students who enroll for the Spring Term the opportunity to get a “Jump Start” on their CUC experience.

Offered in the week leading up to the start of classes, the one-day orientation program introduces you to the unique aspects of the University. During Jump Start, you will also have the chance to take care of the final details before the semester begins. Everyone in Student Support Services, from Academic Advising to Financial Aid to Student Life, is committed to making your transition to Concordia as smooth as possible.

Jump Start orientation includes opportunities to:

  • Learn about spiritual life on campus
  • Become familiar with our computer system
  • Obtain your CUC campus ID and vehicle registration
  • Have your questions answered by CUC staff and current students
  • Attend a social event to meet your new classmates

NOTE: Details about the Winter 2021 Jump Start session will be available in September 2020.

Program sessions

  • Complete math placement exam (the exam will be taken at home this summer, and should be completed at least a day before Jump Start).
  • Meet individually with academic advisor to register for classes
  • Understand academic expectations in higher education 
  • Individual attention given to each student regarding their Financial Aid and Business Services
  • Learn about spiritual life opportunities on and off campus
  • Participate in a hands-on tutorial about Concordia Connect (CUC's online portal for information about your course schedule, fees and more)
  • Hear about the many opportunities for leadership and involvement

The Concordia Resource Fair

Offers you the chance to:

  • Learn about different housing options
  • Understand the variety of meal plans available (for both commuters and residents)
  • Register for fall intramural programs
  • Explore service opportunities with spiritual life staff
  • Register your vehicle and purchase your parking pass (Valid DL and License plate required)
  • Pick up your Official CUC student Identification Card
  • Meet with career services and internship staff
  • Hear about on-campus employment
  • Get acquainted with representatives from the Alumni Department
  • Speak to a member of our academic accommodations team
  • Connect to a first generation staff member
  • Spanish speaking staff available
  • Meet members of the counseling staff
  • Discuss Study abroad opportunities
  • Receive Health service information
  • Explore the many different ways to be active and involved

Additional Highlights

  • Engage with current representatives from staff, faculty and Administration
  • Make new friends
  • Become more familiar with the CUC campus
  • Be equipped to begin your CUC journey
  • Enjoy interacting with current student leaders in special activities

Jump Start Resources

“I really enjoyed my Jump Start experience.  At the time I was super shy and felt uncomfortable However, everyone was super nice and friendly.  I felt welcome even though I didn’t know anyone.  By the end of the day I knew CUC was for me. I pictured myself fitting in at CUC and I knew I would find my voice.”

Olivia Sobriej, Senior

Parents of our new students are an important part of the Concordia University Community.   Parents are encouraged to attend so they can make connections, learn more about Concordia, and establish a partnership.   Throughout the program, parents and families will have the opportunity to learn more about resources, expectations, programs and activities CUC has to offer. The information below will help you prepare for your Jump Start experience and serve as a reference afterward.

On-Campus Housing during Jump Start Sessions

During Jump Start, families have the option of staying on campus in a residence hall room. Both single and double rooms are available (one twin-size bed) and double rooms (two twin-size beds).  Families can expect to share communal bathrooms and showers: women in one facility, men in another. The rooms may not have air-conditioning. Towels and sheets are provided.  However, televisions, alarms clocks, etc. are NOT provided.

Space for on-campus housing is limited.  If you are interested please make your reservation early.  Unfortunately, on-campus housing is only available during the June and July Jump Start dates.  For more information about on-campus housing, or to make a reservation please email Pete.Becker@CUChicago,edu.

Parent Involvement

There are many opportunities for families to be a part of their students’ life, even if they living on campus. Some of the ways parent(s) can be involved include:

Family Weekend 2020      October 23-25

Homecoming                   October 10

Stay connected.  Provide your email address on the parent card distributed at Jump Start or email  You will receive updates about the happenings at CUC and a phone call in the middle of the semester to allow us to connect and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your student’s general well-being. This allows family members to connect with staff specifically about their student. (FERPA rules apply).

Parent Testimonial

“I really found the Jump Start experience extremely informative and helpful.  I never had the opportunity to attend college myself.  My son is the first in our family to go to a four year University.   I had lots of questions and came in very confused.  By the end of the day, I was comfortable and knew that everyone was genuinely looking out for my son’s best interest."    

Marisol Hernandez, Parent