For students entering the ADP program, tuition is $505 per credit hour.

This does include the costs for the major courses as well as the general education courses regardless of international, in- or out-of-state status.

  • Bachelor’s degree credit hours required: 120 to obtain a degree   

Our tuition guarantee program is an important way we help keep tuition affordable and predictable, so you what the total cost of your education will be. As long as there are no interruptions in your course of study, we guarantee your tuition will remain the same and never increase while earning this degree.

Financial Aid

When you enroll, you may be eligible to apply for Financial Aid. For more specific information on the Financial Aid process, please follow the steps below.

Should you have any questions about financial aid, please feel free to contact the Office of Financial Aid at 708-209-3113 or by email at

It’s easy to complete the financial aid process: