Frequently Asked Questions

Students take 24 credit hours of coursework to receive a Technology Specialist Endorsement Only and meet the Illinois state coursework requirements for the Technology Specialist Endorsement good for grades K-12. Students must pass appropriate state content exams to receive formal endorsement. The K-12 technology specialist endorsement will attach to your current Illinois Professional Educator’s License (PEL).

One test must be taken and passed to receive the “Technology Specialist Endorsement” for students with a PEL.

  1. Technology Specialist (223) Content Area Test
    The Technology Specialist Content Area Test is the main licensure test you will need to pass. It is an exam that attempts to assess your knowledge of Educational Technology and its appropriate use in schools. A practice test can be found at Please check with ISBE’s Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) for information and updates on your personal status. Remember that you alone are responsible for your licensure and endorsement information.

No. However, every student in our Technology Specialist Endorsement only program desiring ISBE endorsement must hold a PEL. Students without a PEL do not have a license on which to hang the endorsement in Illinois. Out-of-state/International students should check with the appropriate licensing body in their state/country.

Students licensed outside of Illinois should check with the licensing body in their own state. Students are reminded that they alone are responsible for their licensure.

No. Upon successful completion, students receive the appropriate technology specialist endorsement in Illinois. The endorsement hangs on the Illinois Professional Educator’s License (PEL) that the student already holds. The program does not provide licensure for any student.

Students must earn a “C” grade or higher in each of their Technology Specialist Endorsement Only courses. 

It is recommended that students complete all of their tests before graduation or program completion to enable the timely processing of all licensure paperwork shortly after graduation/program completion. 

Please visit for test dates and fees. Tests are required for endorsement, and students are responsible for scheduling their tests directly with the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS).

Your test scores will be reported to ISBE. These test scores, along with the reporting of completed coursework by the Concordia Licensure Officer, will enable you to become endorsed.

  • The TAP test is valid for ten years, or until “used.” All other test scores are good for 5 years or until "used.” 
  • After (a) all test scores and (b) coursework entitlement have been posted, you may apply online for formal endorsement as a technology specialist. Instructions for applying online will be provided by the Concordia Licensure Officer.

You will be eligible for endorsement after (a) all test scores and (b) coursework entitlement have been reported to ISBE. The Concordia-Chicago Licensure Officer will post your Technology Specialist entitlement after graduation/completion of the program. The completion date will be posted on your transcript. You will need to have your transcript sent to ISBE to complete your permanent file. Concordia-Chicago will post entitlements after the END of the term when completion occurred.

Judy Ludwig is the Licensure Officer and is responsible for coordinating licensure information for all of Concordia-Chicago's students. She can be reached via e-mail at for more specific information.

Students who were unable to complete all of their tests near the time of graduation must notify Judy Ludwig via e-mail when they eventually receive their test results, so she will be aware of your status and enter your Technology Specialist entitlement at that time if the State of Illinois has not made any changes to the requirements for endorsement in the period between graduation and application. Ms. Ludwig will then email you information to assist with the online application process for endorsement.

No. Taking or not taking endorsement tests does not affect your ability to graduate from Concordia-Chicago. However, not taking your test will delay your endorsement eligibility.

  • As the field of Technology Specialist Endorsement Only continues its rapid growth, careers involving Technology Specialist Endorsement Only offer good prospects for upward mobility. Careers in Technology Specialist Endorsement Only may involve using technology directly in the classroom, or using technology outside the classroom, supporting infrastructure at the school or district level.
  • Specialists in Technology Specialist Endorsement Only are being hired not only to design and implement specific educational technologies for students—such as special education technology, science technology, reading technology, and math technology—but also to enhance ongoing teacher education using technology for adult learners.
  • Outside-of-the-classroom Technology Specialist Endorsement Only job examples include educational software consultant, training specialist, course developer, technology resource instructor, Technology Specialist Endorsement Only support, district-level coordinator, coordinator of assistive technology, and instructional program manager.