Every CUC student has their favorite study space on campus. If you’re still trying to find yours, consider your preferences—complete silence or a little background noise? Studying in groups or by yourself? During finals week, or any other time you have a huge project coming up, these campus spots have something for every study style.

  1. CULearn: Floor-to-ceiling windows make CULearn a bright and inviting place, even on a rainy day. Located in the Christopher Center, CULearn should be on your list of places to check out. Housing the Academic Center for Excellence, the Writing Center, and both open and private study spaces, it’s a one-stop shop for anything you’re working on or studying for.
  2. Victory Lounge: This enclosed pathway connects Concordia Hall with Trusheim Hall. The lounge, with its appealing lighting, art and layout, is open to all students, whether they live in Concordia Hall or not.
  3. Krentz Lobby: The atrium of the Krentz Center is a higher-traffic area with plenty of tables great for group study, or if you like to work with a bit of chatter in the background. With large windows and a two-story ceiling, the openness of the space makes it a popular spot.Student Portraits_1.31.2024_81_540x356.jpg
  4. Klinck Memorial Library: This one is a classic. The campus’ main library features three floors of quiet research spaces for both individual and group work. The perk of studying in here is that any resources you need for research, printing or tech support are right at your fingertips.
  5. Commuter Lounge: Just off the first floor of Klinck Memorial Library is this lounge open to all students (not just commuters!), furnished with a variety of seating and desks. Pop into this hideaway to escape the bustling hallway between classes.
  6. Cougar Den: On the lower level of the KCC, the Cougar Den is a lively place with plenty of food and activity options. It’s a good space if you know you need to get a snack or play a quick game of air hockey to clear your mind while studying.