Concordia University Chicago is pleased to announce its redesigned MBA, which will begin in Summer 2024. The program has been modernized to provide students the skills they need to work in an environment where the use of data analytics, design thinking and AI are critical to individual and corporate success. Future students who enroll in Concordia-Chicago’s MBA program will experience a reworked core curriculum aimed at preparing students to thrive, not only in the current environment but in their careers for years to come. Separately, a redesigned accounting specialization tied to upcoming changes in the CPA exam will also be rolled out next summer.

“These transformative program changes will streamline and modernize our MBA and underscore our commitment to being at the forefront of educational initiatives,” says Dr. Lynn Hunnicutt, dean of the Concordia-Chicago College of Business. “I look forward to welcoming students into this new program, and to seeing how they will take this learning out to the world around them.”

This overhaul of the Concordia-Chicago MBA will include a core curriculum broken into three distinct sections—Foundation Skills (12 hours); Thinking and Applied Artificial Intelligence (6 hours); and Business Strategy, Integration and Leadership Development (6 hours). This streamlined core, in addition to developing traditional business skills in subjects such as accounting, marketing and management, also includes cutting-edge courses in business analytics, applied artificial intelligence, design thinking and leadership, and ethical decision-making. Students are also able to focus their MBA studies by choosing one of six specializations offered by CUC.

Effective 2024, individuals sitting for the CPA exam licensure will be required to choose one of three areas of focus for their exam. The updated Business Analytics and Reporting specialization is the first of what the College hopes will be three specializations for the updated CPA exam options. Those interested in the CPA exam should stay tuned for additional specializations tied to the CPA exam in coming years.

“This new MBA curriculum and specializations will equip our students with the knowledge, skills and innovative mindset necessary to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving business landscape,” says Dr. Hunnicutt. “Our program not only imparts a deep understanding of foundational business principles but also fosters the flexibility, adaptability and creativity needed to succeed in whatever career or industry our students choose to enter.”

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