Concordia University Chicago has been recognized by Colleges of Distinction for the 2023-2024 academic year, marking its commitment to helping undergraduate students learn, grow and succeed. The University was named a Christian College of Distinction, Illinois College of Distinction, Affordable College of Distinction, College of Distinction–Business and College of Distinction–Education.

The Colleges of Distinction selection process comprises a sequence of in-depth research and detailed interviews with colleges and universities, accepting only those that adhere to their “Four Distinctions”: engaged students, great teaching, vibrant community and successful outcomes. These principles prioritize the ways that institutions enable students to have a fulfilling, individualized college experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

cuc-23-24-college-of-distinction.png“Being honored as a College of Distinction once again shows that Concordia-Chicago students are engaged and successful, benefiting from hands-on learning, community involvement and a Christian education in the Lutheran tradition,” says Dr. Jamie Kowalczyk, vice president of strategy & innovation at Concordia University Chicago.

While Concordia-Chicago has been named a College of Distinction every year since 2010, this year the University was recognized in a new category: affordability. Being one of fewer than 150 institutions selected as an Affordable College of Distinction, CUC stands out as a unique and cost-effective choice. Tyson Schritter, chief operating officer at Colleges of Distinction, explained, “Our evaluation factors in various cost-related aspects. It is essential for us to recognize that students come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Thus, our methodology incorporates weighted variables that consider family income relative to net price.” The selection process relies on institutional data provided by the U.S. Department of Education, specifically focusing on low net prices proportionate to student household income.

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