Dr. Lyutykh teaches basic and advanced courses in research methodology, focusing on qualitative and mixed methods. She also supports graduate students and doctoral candidates in the design of their research projects.

As an educational psychologist with extensive cross-cultural experiences, Dr. Lyutykh has used various theoretical and methodological approaches to explore topics pertaining to community and family contexts of teaching and learning. Her interests include heritage language education and bilingual literacy development in diverse settings. She is actively involved with community organizations that support multilingualism. Prior to joining CUC in 2012, she taught ESL to children and adults, coordinated international educational exchange program, engaged in several large-scale research projects, and taught Learning Theories, Child Development, and Foundations of Bilingual Education at Northern Illinois University.


  • EdD, Educational Psychology - Northern Illinois University; DeKalb, IL
  • MS, Adult and Continuing Education - Kansas State University; Manhattan, KS
  • Certificate of Graduate Studies in Social Foundations of Education - Northern Illinois University; DeKalb, IL
  • BA and MA, History and TESOL. Voronezh State University; Voronzeh, Russia

Academic and Professional Highlights

Prior Positions

  • Instructor – Northern Illinois University: College of Education, Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations (2003-2011)


  • 2015 - Faculty Research Award. Community-Based Heritage Language Schools and Bilingual Programs: Exploring Ways to Build Partnerships - Concordia University Chicago.
  • 2013 - Summer Faculty Research Award. Conversations with youths: life with purpose - Concordia University Chicago.

Research Areas

  • Research Methodology
  • Heritage Language Education
  • Bilingual Literacy
  • Socio-cultural Theory
  • Online Pedagogy


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