“I took a computer science class my senior year of high school. I got so excited doing it that I was like, ‘I don't care if it's hard. I'm gonna push through. I'm gonna try my best.’ When I started taking computer science classes in college, it was shocking at first. At CUC, we have a lot of resources, so I was going to tutoring pretty much every week. My professor helped out, too. And then, through a lot of hard work and belief in myself and from others, I’ve made it to my junior year. Last year I was actually a TA in the computer science department.

“Every Friday I help out at CUC as a mentor with middle school and high school kids. We do robotics, we do coding. It always makes my week a little brighter. The kids come to the study area in my residence hall, and I just go downstairs from my dorm room and help out. I bring music, some laughs and smiles and it's fun. The senior that led it before just graduated—I hope I can lead it to even bigger and better things!”

Kristina Sajic '25
Computer science major