“Concordia-Chicago definitely taught me the power and the influence of networking, and showing your face as much as possible—because you never know where you might see someone down the road. My first job after graduation, as a financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual, actually developed out of an internship I got while at CUC. I’m now a private client banker at J.P. Morgan Chase.

“Ultimately, if I’m giving people a good experience while they’re interacting with me, then it’s going to come back in a positive way. That’s probably one of the biggest things I learned from Concordia-Chicago faculty and staff, and anyone who was a mentor to me there.

“I went into CUC not knowing what the next four years of my life were going to look like. At the end of my four years, when I was getting my diploma and walking the stage, I was a thousand percent glad that I chose Concordia—and I still would. I recently joined the Alumni Board of Directors, and I definitely want to continue giving back to the University, because they were forever impactful on my life.”

Jorge Palacios BS '19
Business administration