“Before I chose nursing at CUC, I weighed out all my options considered what I'm good at. When my grandma was sick, I helped take care of her. My mother also worked at a nursing home part time. My grandmother had dementia. I was helping her, feeding her, and getting her dressed and everything. I didn't think it was burden. I actually enjoyed helping her and making sure she was all set. And I figured, if I can do this for her, I can do this for other people as well. So I said, ‘you know what, maybe I could do this as a career!’

“My classes are going great. I was even able to skip a few classes because I had credits from my high school from advanced courses. As far as student life, I love it. Everyone is very open. I'm able to talk to anybody if I need help and it's just a very easygoing thing. I appreciate that help is available. At CUC, the faculty and staff are very understanding. If I have any concerns or questions they're very responsive and open to multiple points of view.”

Biyanni Stinson '26
Nursing major