The Spanish program at Concordia University Chicago is an excellent starting point for those interested in other cultures, intrigued by the travel and tourism industry, or seeking to break the communication barrier to help those in need.

Career Opportunities

  • Translator
  • Consultant
  • Costumer Support Agent
  • Proofreader
  • Editor
  • Tourism Guide
  • Teacher
  • Foreign Service Professional 
  • Passport Examiner
  • Immigration Officer
  • Customs Officer
  • Journalist/Broadcaster
  • Social Worker
  • Civil Service Engineer
  • FBI Agent 

Study Format

  • On Campus

Spanish Program and Degree Overview

Our Bachelor of Arts in Spanish is a broad-basis baccalaureate program that satisfies career options and is excellent preparation for students interested in continuing education at the graduate level.

Our courses offer in-depth studies in areas such as Latin American cultures, Latin American literature, Spanish literature and more. 

You will be able to communicate effectively in the Spanish language and have a greater understanding of Spanish and Latin American cultures, allowing you to excel in any career path in which you will use Spanish.

The Spanish major progresses from basic language skills to advanced courses in conversation, grammar, composition and linguistics. In addition, you will study masterpieces of Spanish and Latin literature and learn more about the diversity of cultures among Spanish speakers. Upon completion of the program, you will demonstrate proficiency in speaking, writing and reading Spanish, as well as a greater understanding of history and traditions associated with countries where Spanish is spoken.

You may also choose from the many Spanish courses to fulfill the 21 semester hours for a minor in Spanish. This minor is a perfect complement to the many majors offered at CUC.

For details about required courses, please visit our online catalog.