Study Format

  • Chicago Cohorts
  • On Campus

Program Length

  • 33 Credit Hours
  • 24-26 Months

Application Deadlines

Apr, 29

Domestic Students

Summer 2024 Application Due | Classes Start May 6, 2024

The Master of Arts in Principal Preparation Program with Endorsement prepares Illinois educators for school administrative responsibility. Those seeking an educational administration certificate in the state of Illinois should pursue this program. While in this program:

  • Students will succeed using a shared learning format. This promotes the success of all students through developing and implementing a shared vision of learning and programs which support this learning.
  • You'll learn to manage operations in the K-12 environment. By developing basic skills in management of the organization, operations, and resources for a safe, efficient and effective learning environment.
  • The program teaches students to manage resources for public and private schools. By collaborating with staff, boards, students, families, and community members in response to diverse educational and community interests and needs while mobilizing community resources.
  • You'll gain the respect of peers. Demonstrate integrity, fairness and ethical behavior to help in the development of a caring and moral school community.
  • You will begin to understand the political needs of an administrative role. Understand and respond to the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural contexts.

Principal Preparation Program Requirements

  • Current Bachelor’s Degree - All candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Valid Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) - At entry, a candidate must hold and maintain a valid and current special K-12, special preschool-age 21 or other Illinois approved endorsement, or a candidate may be admitted provisionally if holding a valid, current teaching license from another state. By the end of the second course in the program, the student must hold a valid, current Illinois PEL to be fully admitted and continue in the program.
  • 2 Years of Lead Teaching or School Support Experience - Successful completion of two years of experience as a teacher or school support personnel (e.g. social worker, school psychologist; speech and language pathologist).
  • Completed Application- Successful completion of the application requirements for the CUC Principal Preparation Program (previously called the Type 75 license).

Principal Preparation Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of:

  • K-12 Principal Preparation program coursework.
  • Principal Preparation program yearlong internship to be completed at an Illinois ground-based school.  
  • PERA Teacher Evaluation training as required by ISBE. 
  • Successfully pass the Illinois Principal content area tests.

Department of Leadership

The Concordia University Chicago Department of Leadership is at the forefront in providing educators with quality, relevant and current Master’s in Education and Doctoral education programs that enhance the leadership of public and private school teachers and administrators. Concordia University Chicago is proud to offer Chicago area cohort locations for our School Leadership program as well as other Master’s in Education programs.

Our department advocates for our graduate degree candidates and all students in the public and private schools. We are reflective professionals who provide quality, relevant and current education for our graduate candidates in leadership. We prepare our candidates to be teacher and administrator leaders.

Application for the Illinois Principal Endorsement (previously the Type 75) is made through the Office of the Registrar following graduation.

Program Information

Supervision and Improvement of Instruction

A study and application of various educational supervisory models with emphasis on the instructional process and the role of the evaluator/supervisor in this process.

School Evaluation and Change Processes

The examination and application of school program and curricular evaluation processes to school improvement. Also an examination and application of change processes and interventions.

Curriculum and Assessment: Framework for Student Learning*

The analysis of curriculum frameworks aligned to state and national standards and assessment processes leading to school improvement. It will prepare the instructional leader to develop the knowledge and skills related to curriculum and assessment at the building level.

Principal as Resource Manager

A study of the financing of public and non public schools and the relationship to government and other sponsoring agencies.

Instructional Leadership

An analysis and examination of instructional leadership emphasizing parent, staff and community collaborations including improvement of curriculum and instruction.

Ethical Leadership: Models and Practices*

An analysis and application of normative ethical theories and the perspectives of servant leadership and the Christian life applied to moral issues in education.

School, Families and Community Partnerships*

Processes and skills needed to develop effective communication programs linking schools, parents and the community.

School Law and Policies*

An analysis of legal issues as they affect teachers, students, programs, and tort liability in public and nonpublic schools.

Introduction to Research* 

The focus of this course is on the understanding of educational research. Emphasis is placed on interpretation of research and development of basic research skills for school improvement and improved student learning.

*For students who enroll in Illinois Principal Preparation as of Spring Semester 2022 and beyond, these courses will be offered in an online modality only.

Capstone Experience

School Leadership Internship I (Fall Semester, 16 weeks)

School Leadership Internship II (Spring Semester, 16 weeks)

Internship I and II is a two semester, academic-year long, clinical experience at the preK-12 level offering a variety of appropriate site-based hands-on experiences in diverse settings supervised by an on-site mentor and a university supervisor. Students complete field-based experiences that are extensive and intensive in their own school, including administrative shadowing in diverse settings in a school different than their own. The student must be enrolled in the Principal Preparation Program and have had at least six courses (18 semester hours) completed prior to the internship experiences. Students must consult with their advisor before registering for these courses. 

Seminar in Higher Education (EDU 6015)

In addition to the base program curriculum, international students attending face-to-face classes on the CUC campus are required to take the Seminar in Higher Education, a 3-credit course. This requirement will not apply to international DBA students studying exclusively online.

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