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Literacy Initiative

“The Center is positioning itself as a regional hub for the research and practice of literacy. The University is proud to offer these opportunities as a focal point of its growing community outreach programs.” – Dr. Dara Soljaga, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Curriculum, Language and Literacy, Co-Director of the Center for Literacy at Concordia-Chicago. 

The Center for Literacy addresses the persistent achievement gap in literacy and helps work toward educational equity. Sometimes referred to as a reading clinic, the Center contributes to this goal by developing innovative and meaningful literacy instruction in four specific ways:

  1. Youth: Provides rich, authentic literacy experiences for students in grades K-12,
  2. Adults: Offers innovative adult outreach and instruction,
  3. English Language Learners: Develops English as a second language (ESL) programs designed to disseminate youth and adult literacy skills to English language learners,
  4. Research and Best Practices: Acts as a resource for Concordia-Chicago students and faculty to engage in meaningful and authentic research and development of best practices, especially for students of the Master of Arts in reading education and the doctoral program in reading, language and literacy.

The Center serves the community by providing innovative and meaningful teaching and learning methods focused on critical reading, writing, speaking, presenting and thinking processes. The Center for Literacy also enables CUC faculty and students to reach out to schools, districts and teachers with language and literacy support. The facility provides rich, authentic literary experiences for students in grades PK-12.

Investment Opportunities

Concordia-Chicago is committed to supporting the growth of the Center for Literacy and provide opportunities for our students in these areas. Investment opportunities in research, administration and student assistance are available.

For more information, call the CUC Foundation at 866-448-3867.