Giving To Concordia



When you make a gift to Concordia-Chicago's endowment fund, you are investing in the future. Endowments directly reflect a university’s stability, strength and endurance. Alumni and friends who contribute to or establish an endowment at the University do so knowing that their gift will help us keep our doors open to deserving students for years to come.

Gifts to CUC’s endowment are permanently invested to supply a steady source of funds for the purposes agreed upon by the donor and the University. Endowment gifts are most often established through estate bequests or other planned gifts.

How does an endowment work?

Invested and managed by professionals, endowments generate a continuing income stream. An endowment is similar to a permanent investment account in that contributions to it become invested principal. A portion of the earnings generated from the endowment’s invested principal is used each year to support the charitable purpose specified by the individual or family who established the endowment. Because a portion of earnings is also returned to the endowment for reinvestment, the endowment is likely to grow over time. If so, earnings will also increase, keeping pace, to a greater or lesser degree, with the rising cost of carrying out the endowment’s charitable purpose.

Institutional Enhancement

Providing a quality educational atmosphere requires attention in and out of the classroom, which is why Concordia-Chicago strives to move forward in all that it offers. Various opportunities exist to help advance campus facilities, programming and technology.

  • Facility endowments provide essential support to construct new campus facilities or to maintain current buildings
  • Equipment endowments ensure that students at Concordia-Chicago will be exposed to technologies required by future employers
  • Endowed programs enhance the educational experience and permanently exist to benefit future classes

Naming a campus structure, classroom or lab provides a lasting investment in meeting the needs of society and advancing the mission of the University.

Please call the Foundation Office at 866-448-3867 to discuss various endowment opportunities with a gift officer.