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CUChicago Marathon Team

Concordia-Chicago will not be continuing its Marathon Team program in 2015. 

We are thankful for each runner who add so much to the University's 150th Anniversary Celebration. Their efforts contributed more than $60,000 to the Center for Literacy and Fitness Center.

2014 Team Members

Bank of America Chicago Marathon (Oct 12) - pictured above
Front Row – Elizabeth (Wilson) Bertels '83, CAS '97, Emma (Meyer) Schultz '09, Kyla (Stigdon) Rodriguez '13, Paige Craig '99, MBA '14, James McCaig MA '15, Mark Witte '02, Matt Nieman '94 Middle Row – Kathy (Krohe) Gebhardt '96, Drew Gruenhagen '97, Matt Frick '07, Jonathan Kohrs '85, MCM '93 Back Row – Clayton James '15, Jeff Quest '98, Adam Rodriguez '13, Trent Ohm, Patrick McClendon '15 and Matt Schorr '10 Not Pictured – Maja Miskovic, Emily (Sorgatz) Seltz, Jackie Van

Additional Team Members:
Jennifer Adams at the Flying Pig Marathon (May 5) - Cincinnati, OH
Kari Herbst '09 at the Chicago Half Marathon (Sept 7) – Chicago, IL
Chuck Hoger '52 at the Long Beach Half Marathon (Oct 12) – Long Beach, CA

2013 Team Members

Kristin (Stock) ‘98 & Jeremy Becker ‘99, Alice Boertje, Sean Cramer ‘04, Trisha (Engerer) DePasqaule ‘07, Roger Fegan ‘05,MAT ‘09, Carl Gnewuch ‘87, Amy Grieashamer ‘12, Aaron Hallien ‘99, Missy (Rusnak) ‘08, MBA ’10 & Eric Hawley ’10*, Jason Hoyt ‘01, Jeff Hynes, Dr. Pamela Konkol, Steve Landgraf, Dr. Amanda Maddocks, Chayanne Martinez ‘13, Ethan McBee ‘13, Jerry McNamara ‘87, Matt Miller ‘06, Dr. Isabel Nuñez, Joe Ohlinger, Melissa (Passe) Perry ‘03, Justin Pomey ‘14, Billy Poole-Harris ‘08, Rosa Reiber ‘10, Dr. Peter Renn, Adam ’13 & Kyla (Stigdon) Rodriguez ’13, Christopher Root ‘13, Jamie Schmidt ‘79, Melissa Schwab ’10, MBA ‘11, Tenille Stoeger ‘11, Stephanie Stroud, Dr. Simeon Stumme, Kevin Thomson ‘12, Dr. Beth Venzke, Joel Wickboldt ‘00, Keith Willert MAT ‘14, Scott Willi ‘95 

Why Would I Ever Run a Marathon?

by Paige Craig '99, MBA '14, Director of Alumni Relations
from The Forester - January 2015

Mr. (Fred) Rogers once said, "Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else." Last May (2014), I ended my MBA studies and celebrated as a member of the Class of 2014. Days later, I officially began preparing for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.CUC Fitness Center

Throughout 18 weeks of training, I received many dubious questions, “Why?” I had concerns along the way, just ask Jeff Quest ’98, my marathon partner. We asked “Why?” when temperatures rose and fell; when blisters increased; and especially when I had to face my fear of mile 13—the distance I was running when I had a training set back.

Why would anyone run an endurance race on behalf of Concordia-Chicago? Each of my 26 teammates had a different answer. Some chose to run to increase Chicagoland’s literacy rate from 53% to 100% on behalf of the Center for Literacy. Some chose to promote health and wellness in the Concordia-Chicago community through the new Fitness Center. At press time, the 2014 team has raised more than $32,650 to help further the mission of our alma mater.
CUC Literacy Center

For me, the challenge meant more than a part of my role in Alumni Relations. It was my thank you for the ConcordiaChicago alumni who have influenced the person I am today—leaders like Art Amt ’31, Erna (Pollert) Hennig ’43, Bill ’55 & Cathy (Sieck) Leimbach ’55, Tim Reinking ’83 and Lori (Christiansen) Siekmann ’89, just to name a very few. The CUC Marathon team provided the opportunity to run a significant race and continue the mission of this significant institution (the first Concordia university to be established!). I cannot think of a better reason “why” to run for another 150 years!

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