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Who's Attending?

Classmates always ask “who’s coming?” The following alumni & friends are already planning to join us this fall. Register early to let classmates know you plan to attend the celebration. Attendee names will be posted online as registrations are received in order to let everyone know who to expect.

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as of 10/2/15

Golden Alumni (1965 and earlier)

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1966 - 1969

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Marcia (Wachtel) BA '72 and Denny Witte BA '73


Sheryl (Storck) BA '84 and Jerry Hartman & Family
Kim (Kemerling) BA '85 and Eric Michaelsen BA '85 
Linda (Begeman) BA '81 and Randy Rogers BA '83


Duane Bowen BA '99
Paige Craig BA '99, MBA '14
John Crowley BA '97
John Durkin BA '99
Kathy (Krohe) Gebhardt BA '96 & Family
Jodi (Lewis) BA '96 and Eric Kittel BA '96 & Family
Beth (Pride) BA '98 and Jim Knight BA '97 & Family
Mary (LaPorte) BA '98, MA '06 & Jeff Quest BA '98

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Rebecca Antio BA '10 
Nicole Conradi BA '09


Zach Adamec BA '19 and Family
Jason Becker BA '17 and Family
Christina Behlman BA '19 and Family
Alexander Brice BA '19 and Family
Kelly DeFauw BA '16 and Family
Alex Daigle BA '19 and Family
Rachel Danko BA '19 and Family
Danielle BA '16 & Gabrielle Garza BA '16 and Family
Natalie Hamley BA '19 and Family
Myrthe Harkenrider BA '18 and Family
Jeremy Hartman BA '19 and Family
Troy Hasty BA '19 and Family
Emily (Peters) '15 and Scott Illich '12
Allison Kumke BA '18 and Family
Emily Longman BA '17 and Family
Brook Miller BA '19 and Family
Jade Nichols BA '17
Krista Pojero BA '19 and Family
Katie Rehmer BA '19 and Family
Bethany Rogers BA '18 and Family
Emily Russell BA '19 and Family
Hannah Russell BA '18 and Family
Martha Semanko BA '19 and Family
Christine Vassos  BA '17 and Family
Kahla Walker BA '19 and Family

Faculty, Staff & Emeriti

Paige Craig BA '99, MBA '14
Kathy (Krohe) Gebhardt BA '96
Linda (Begeman) BA '81 and Randy Rogers BA '83
Rachel Helfrich Tobin