Bree Smith

Journalism major from Downers Grove, Illinois

Bree, how does CUC inspire learning?

Here at CUC, I get more individualized training and a personalized educational experience because of the small class sizes. I believe that if I would have gone to a bigger university, I would not have gotten such a one-one-one connection with my professors.

So the professors make a big impact?

Yes. The classes are at a size where the professor can get to know all of their students and have more of a connection with us. The professors in my journalism program (and in many other programs at CUC) have all worked in the field, and some continue to work in it today.

Being so close to Chicago is also a benefit because of the many internship opportunities available in the media field here. There are countless newspapers, magazines, website, radio programs and television news broadcast outlets that are easily accessible.