Colleges and universities that specialize in the liberal arts and sciences encourage students to gain broad knowledge through applied learning across diverse disciplines. Small liberal arts universities like Concordia-Chicago are intently focused on the undergraduate experience, helping you understand your strengths, gain hands-on knowledge, hone your communication skills and prepare for your future. Here are seven reasons a liberal arts college may be right for you.

  1. Better access to professors: The faculty at small liberal arts colleges are experienced educators who are student-focused, rather than purely research-focused. They go out of their way to help you understand complex concepts and do your best work.
  2. Smaller class sizes: In a tight-knit classroom environment, you’ll have many opportunities to ask questions and will interact with your classmates and instructors during every class session. CUC has a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio, so you’ll never be in a lecture hall with hundreds of other students in a course taught by a teaching assistant.
  3. Critical thinking: Courses are designed to challenge you to seek real-world solutions to problems across all subjects and disciplines. You will be truly learning, absorbing and sharpening your critical thinking and information analysis skills. Pearson and the Partnership for 21st Century Learning found that up to 81 percent of companies place a strong emphasis on the ability to think critically among new hires.
  4. Close-knit community: You will be able to meet a wider variety of people—in fact, you’ll probably meet almost everyone on campus during your four years. On a small campus you see the same faces more often, giving you a chance to build friendships with your classmates and residence hall floormates.
  5. Access to a strong alumni network: Small-college alumni are some of the proudest out there and they want to see their fellow alums succeed. CUC offers many opportunities to connect undergraduate students with alumni, such as the Beyond the Pillars mentoring program.
  6. Generous financial aid: Don’t be shocked by the sticker price of small, private colleges—often, the actual cost after aid and scholarships can be lower than their public counterparts. Concordia-Chicago was nationally recognized by LendEDU for having one of the lowest student loan debt figures in the country.
  7. A great value: CUC has been named to the U.S. News & World Report “Best Value Schools” list every year since 2018—but that’s not the only reason it’s a great school for your money! A liberal arts college is not a degree mill. It’s a place where you’ll have the opportunity to hear different perspectives, grow, and learn to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas, preparing you to excel in your career and fulfill your vocation.