Concordia University Chicago announced today the creation of the Lectureship in Humanities, Christianity and Public Life.

The new biannual speaker series is committed to and motivated by the biblical teaching that by and through Christ all things were created, and “in Him all things hold together” (Col. 1:16-17). It is generously funded by C. Ross Betts, MD, a member of Concordia-Chicago’s Board of Regents.

“These events are the embodiment of the University’s new strategic plan, particularly as we seek to provide a transformative student experience,” says University Provost Dr. Erik Ankerberg. “These lectures will supplement our already rigorous academic programs and will focus on the goal of transforming students’ lives within the context of the University mission. We are exceptionally grateful for Dr. Betts’ vision and support, which will allow us to expose students to a variety of well-known scholars and experts in their respective fields of study.”

Nationally recognized scholars and public intellectuals will encourage both internal and external community members to explore the intersection of and tensions within the humanities, science and the Christian faith. Beyond each speaker’s public presentation, they will have the additional opportunity to engage the University’s students, faculty and staff through other, more exclusive and focused interactions.

“In a time of increasing secular incoherence, we hope this lectureship provides a small contribution to restoring comity in discussing important topics, edifying both our students and our campus community generally,” Dr. Betts says.

Gary Saul Morson, the Lawrence B. Dumas professor of arts and humanities, and professor, Slavic languages and literatures at Northwestern University, will be the first speaker in the series. Additional details about Dr. Morson’s Oct. 27 presentation will be released soon.