Beyond the Pillars, one of 30 initiatives of CUC’s “Focusing Our Future: 2025” strategic plan, matches pairs of students and alumni based on their mutual vocation and passion for Christ. Alumni will connect monthly with current students during the academic year to provide tips and guidance relevant to their academic pursuits and quest for Truth.

Recent graduate Antea Pela BA ’21, a double major in marketing and actuarial science, and Josh Wingfield BA ’10 were just one positive pairing. “I was excited to connect with someone who could give business advice and who also has that ‘math mind,’” said Pela. “(Josh and I) just think so much alike, and his advice felt natural. We clicked instantly as a mentor and mentee.”

Beyond the Pillars’ virtual format and digital tools allow alumni to mentor students no matter where they serve, lead or study. Wingfield is regional vice president for Humana in Seattle, WA and finds serving in this way both beneficial and important. “To mentor someone new to the workforce who shares the CUC connection is a unique experience and one that I have very much enjoyed,” Wingfield says. “I’m happy to be that someone who has been in the workforce and there to bounce things off. I know I would have appreciated this opportunity.”

The above is just an excerpt—read the full story in the Spring 2021 Forester, where you can learn about the background of the program and how you can set up a mentoring partnership through Beyond the Pillars today.