There’s new required reading for the freshman seminar class Vocation and College Success, and its author is a familiar figure on campus—the book, “Callings for Life,” is written by CUC’s University Pastor Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Leininger. The purpose of the seminar course, required of all first-year students, is an “exploration of personal vocation as a college student, with focus on identity development, interpersonal skills and collegiate success.”

“Callings for Life” takes Martin Luther’s theology of vocation and applies it Rev. Dr. Leiningerpractically to the day-to-day journey of a Christian. Leininger hopes his book will help students understand that their vocation is not necessarily one thing: “The idea that there’s this one, seismic, spiritual, world-changing thing that you’re supposed to do is pretty pervasive in our world, especially in Christian circles. But in fact, the idea of the ‘one, great thing’ is neither biblical nor part of the Lutheran tradition,” he says.

In his book, he writes about callings, plural. “There are many and various vocations we’re asked to fulfill in this world—relationships, tasks, responsibilities, occupations—for the glory of God and for the love of our neighbor,” Leininger says. “Probably the biggest challenge is that most of this goes unnoticed. Most of what we’re called to do happens in the ordinary, everyday callings that God has placed upon us.”

Five simple chapters are interspersed with scripture, inspirational quotes and narrative examples to bring this timeless teaching to life. “I hope that congregations, college students, educators and professionals alike will be edified by a renewed understanding that God is already at work through them in sacred and significant ways,” Leininger says.