John Rhoads, MA

Assistant Professor

College of Arts and Sciences


Professor Rhoads teaches students about the Christian doctrine. He researches ecclesiology (the doctoring of the Church), comparative theology, theological method and non-foundational epistemology, early Christianity and apologetics. He has been a member of Concordia’s faculty since 2008.


  • MA, Classical Languages, Washington University; St. Louis, Mo.
  • MDiv, Concordia Seminary; St. Louis, Mo.
  • BAE, Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, Ga.     

Academic and Professional Highlights


  • “Highlights in Contemporary Ecclesiology: A Review Essay,” Concordia Journal, July 2008.
  • “Review of God’s Lesser Glory: The Diminished God of Open Theism by Bruce Ware,” Concordia Journal, April 2003.
  • “Review of Confession and Mission, Word and Sacrament: The Ecclesial Theology of Wilhelm Loehe by David C. Ratke,” Concordia Journal, April 2003.