Professor Flynn joined CUC's faculty in 2014. Her areas of research and expertise includes the role of academic environments on students' mental health, first-generation students' experiences in higher eduction, and how education can facilitate social change.


  • PhD, Psychology - DePaul University; Chicago, IL
  • MA, Psychology - DePaul University; Chicago, IL
  • BS, Psychology - Northern Illinois University; DeKalb, IL

Academic and Professional Highlights

Funded Grants

  • AccessLex Center for Legal Education Excellence: Unsolicited grant
    Principal Investigator; $10,000
    Title of project: Understanding the factors contributing to first-generation students' success in law school

  • Law School Admission Council Dissertation Award
    Principal Investigator; $15,000
    Title of project: Conceptualization and measurement of law student stressors and mental health.


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