Joseph Sumrak, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Joseph Sumrak is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Concordia University Chicago. He teaches Organic Chemistry, Fundamentals of Chemistry and Consumer Chemistry. Dr. Sumrak's areas of research and expertise include solid-state organic materials. Before coming to CUC in 2015, Dr. Sumrak taught at Luther College and Kansas State University. 


  • BS, Chemistry, North Central College; Naperville, Ill. 
  • BA, Mathematics, North Central College; Naperville, Ill. 
  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA. 

Academic and Professional Highlights


  • Resorcinol-Templated Head-to-Head Photodimerization of a Thiophene in the Solid State and Unusual Edge-to-Face Stacking in a Discrete Hydrogen-Bonded Assembly. Org. Lett. 2014.
  • From Co-Cystals to Functional Thin Films: Photolithography Using [2+2]Photodimerization. Chem. Sci. 2013.
  • Conformational Polymorphism Facilitates Assignment of Trans and Cis-Conformers of an α -Substituted Oligothiophene via IR spectroscopy. Chem. Comm. 2010.
  • Gas-Induced Expansion and Contraction of a Fluorinated Metal-Organic Framework. Cryst. Growth Des. 2010.