Marlene Meisels, PhD

Associate Professor of Curriculum, Language and Literacy

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

College of Graduate and Innovative Programs

Dr. Meisels teaches graduate courses in literacy, with a special interest in whole school improvement at Concordia University Chicago. She previously served as Senior Advisor in Literacy and Leadership Development for a nationally recognized school improvement organization. While there Dr, Meisels worked with Chicago schools using literacy as a catalyst for whole school change, building school-based problem-solving teams with local school councils, teachers and principals.

She has conducted program evaluation for non-profit literacy-based organizations, helping assess the impact of instructional practices and curriculum on students, and translates research on effective schools to a wide audience. The Ohio Department of Education adopted an effective schools resource guide, which she co-authored. She previously served as managing editorof The High School Journal and on the editorial board of The Reading Teacher.


  • PhD, Literacy. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C.
  • MEd, English Language Learners. University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago.
  • BA, Philosophy. University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago.  

Academic and Professional Highlights


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