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Student Complaint Information

Students concerns are important to Concordia University Chicago. If students encounter an issue at the University, their first step toward a resolution is to work directly with the faculty or staff member most directly related to that issue. The University recommends setting up an appointment with the individual to discuss the concerns. Many problems are easily solved this way.

If the student is unable to reach a resolution, the next step is to work with the supervisor of the University area or department where the issue is occurring. To find the appropriate supervisor, students are encouraged to use the student handbook, academic catalog or contact the Office of the Dean of Students for guidance.  

If your complaint is about a grade, all students are required to follow the academic appeals process outlined in the student handbook and academic catalog. Do not use the form below to complete a complaint about a grade.   

If the issue remains unresolved after the student has met with the individual and supervisor, the student may submit a formal complaint. A “Complaint” is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction concerning a University employee, department, service, process, or a University administrative action that requires investigation and/or resolution.

Students may file a complaint by logging in to Concordia Connect, clicking on the Student Life tab followed by clicking on the link “Student Complaint Form” located in the Quick Links channel. 

If there are any questions about the complaint process, contact the Office of Dean of Students at or 708-209-3005.