Concordia Experience

Jump Start

All new students—freshmen and transfers—are required to attend Jump Start, CUC's orientation program. The program helps you and your family become better acquainted with unique aspects of the University and provides you with an opportunity to meet your future classmates.

Do you plan to begin at CUC in the fall 2020 term? 

Fall 2020 classes begin Monday, August 24. Jump Start orientation sessions for new freshmen will be held in June, July and August.

Online registration for summer 2020 Jump Start will open on February 1. 

Summer 2020 Jump Start Dates

Dates Registration Deadline
June 19 Friday, June 12
June 26 Friday, June 19
June 27 Saturday, June 20
July 16 Thursday, July 9
July 23 Thursday, July 16
August 12 Wednesday, August 5
August 13 Thursday, August 7=6

Download your CUC Freshman Checklist (PDF) to review what you need to do to prepare for enrollment in the Fall 2020 semester.

Jump Start for STUDENTS features:

Program sessions
The Concordia Fair
  • Learn about:
    • Housing options and meal plans
    • Intramurals
    • Service learning
    • Security
    • On-campus jobs
    • Vehicle registration
  • Get your photo taken for your CUC ID
Social Events
  • Activities to help you get to know your classmates
  • Special entertainment and more
  • CUC special event for parents

    Jump Start Resources