Concordia Experience

Student-Led Campus Ministry

“Living the Word of God, Loving all people in His name, Serving God’s children on campus, in our community, to the ends of the earth"

Under the guidance of the campus pastor, a student President heads a team of young Christian leaders who coordinate the many exciting ministries connected with Concordia.

We need you!  Whether it’s leading a Bible study, serving the homeless, rebuilding homes in Haiti, teaching English on a mission trip, playing the guitar for a local youth group, or just supporting others in need, students at Concordia make a difference.  The life of Christ in them is lived-out in the life of the Church and the World around them.

Faith in action: Concordia offers unique opportunities for our students to become the servant leaders of tomorrow.

Meet this year’s student leaders

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Contact one of the student leaders (above), the Spiritual Life President, Deaconess Betsy Karkan, or Pastor Leininger

Ministry to Concordia

Speakers, concerts, retreats, student-led worship, and other activities which promote the work of the Spirit on campus.

Ministry to Chicago

Service activities among those in need in the Chicagoland area

Ministry to the World

Mission trips, conferences, speakers, educational events, and other activities bringing Concordia to the ends of the earth, and the ends of the earth to Concordia

Concordia Youth Ministry (CYM)

Concordia students working with Jr. and Sr. High School youth through lock-ins, music, retreats, and VBS

Small Group Ministry

Christian fellowship in the word together, in prayer together, in love together.

Men’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

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