Concordia Experience

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Concordia Youth Ministry - CYM

A Dual Ministry

For CUC Students

Students of Concordia-Chicago: this ministry is for YOU!

Want an opportunity to meet fellow students and grow together in fellowship and faith? Join a CYM team! Teams gather weekly for team-building activities, leadership training and planning led by trained Co-Leaders. They experience the benefits of consistent, Christ-centered relationships, grounded in Christ and His word. The weekly meetings within CYM are a time for you to refocus on Christ and the gospel in the midst of all the hectic schedules of everyday lives.

The goal of CYM is, through the power of Christ’s gospel, to love one another, build support for one another, and refocus our lives on the work He has for us.

For Senior and Junior High Youth

YES! We are Concordia-Chicago YOUTH Ministry!

The second aspect of our ministry is focused on leading lock-ins and retreats for congregations and schools. Our CYM teams are composed of students who are passionate about the work of the church and about inspiring the next generation to grow in their relationship with God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

If YOU, as the leader of a local church or school (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan—anywhere in reasonable driving distance) would like a CYM Team of leaders to host or plan a lock-in or retreat for your youth, feel free to request a team below.

CYM Teams are prepared to:

  • Plan and lead youth bible studies and devotions
  • Plan and lead games
  • Plan and lead ice breakers and team-building

Concordia-Chicago students are looking forward to building positive, Christ-centered relationships with the young people in our congregations and schools.

CYM Coordinator, Marcail Clark or Michelle Frerking, will be in touch with you following your initial e-mail. Then you can begin to coordinate plans with the Co-Leaders of your assigned team!

Requesting a Team

Thank you for your interest in hosting a CYM team for your next youth ministry event. Due to the large number of lock-in requests for the Spring 2020 semester, we have reached full capacity and are no longer able to take any more requests. We hope that you will connect with us again in the 2020/2021 academic year to schedule a team visit. For any questions please contact

Due to University and holiday breaks, we are unable to provide CYM teams during the dates provided below. Please note, dates are subject to change throughout the academic year. 

Holiday/Break Date Year
Summer Break 5/12-8/17 2019
Team Training 8/18-9/19 2019
Careers For Christ (limited availability) 10/4-10/6 2019
Fall Break (limited availability) 10/18-10/20


Tour Weekend 11/1-11/2 2019
Home Concert Weekend 11/8-11/9 2019
Thanksgiving Break 11/27-11/30 2019
Finals and Christmas Break 12/6-1/13 2019-2020
Spiritual Life Training 1/17-1/19 2020
CIT Weekend  1/24-1/26 2020
Spring Break  3/6-3/15 2020
Home Concert Weekend 3/20-3/21 2020
Easter Break  4/8-4/13 2020
Finals Weekend  5/1-5/10 2020
Summer Break  5/11-8/21 2020
Team Training 8/22-9/18 2020