Concordia Experience


Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel is held from 11-11:20 a.m. CST Monday-Friday in the Chapel of our Lord throughout the academic year. Every member of the University is encouraged to gather in chapel to be strengthened by His word, hear the gospel promises, and respond in prayer, praise and thanksgiving. 

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Download the schedule here: Weekly Chapel Schedule (pdf)

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Worship, the Word and Music

Concordia’s chapel experience is adorned with exceptional music. You’ll find no better place which bears the power of God’s word through the gift of music!  While morning chapel is traditionally based, it features a variety of musical styles. Morning Prayer and Matins are regularly prayed, an outstanding ensemble, named Résonanz, leads alternative worship services, and a quiet, meditative prayer service called Taizé is used every few weeks. Concordia also seeks to build relationships with LCMS congregations and Concordia Alumni by inviting their pastors  to serve as guest preachers for daily chapel in addition to the Concordia theology faculty members, university pastor, and university president.  Nearly every morning the ordinary becomes extraordinary in Concordia’s chapel - and all to the glory of God for the furtherance of the Gospel!