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Be Involved

With...Music Ensembles in Worship

Schola Cantorum: The primary choral group for chapel, this 50-voice select choir sings weekly and on major festivals. Contact the director, Jonathan Kohrs.

Résonanz: A contemporary music ensemble that employs a variety of instruments and voices to the glory of God. Contact the director, Jonathan Kohrs.

Psalm Ensemble: A small group of singers and instrumentalist leads the congregation in the psalm of the week. Contact the director, Jonathan Kohrs.

Taizé Ensemble: A select group of accomplished musicians who guide the congregation in a quiet, reflective Christian prayer service. Contact the director, Jonathan Kohrs.

Organ: The magnificent Schoknecht organ serves as the primary musical resource for our campus worship life. Organist to the chapel, Steve Wente, other faculty, staff and students play for daily chapel. Other instruments and singers participate on a regular basis.

Other music groups that participate in chapel for special festivals and occasions:

University Hand Bells: Contact the director, Maurice Boyer.

Kapelle: Contact the director, Charles Brown.

Chamber Choirs: Contact the directors: Laudate (women)  Maurice Boyer; Männerchor (men), Charles Brown.

Chamber Orchestra: Contact the director, Maurice Boyer.

Wind Symphony: Contact the director, Richard Fischer.

Other Opportunities

  • Student-Led Prayer Offices
  • Prayer and Praise Ensemble
  • Reading and Acolyting 
  • Altar Guild